Expansion: A Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery Exhibition


Expansion - Union Point

Expansion by Daniel Kaufmann
November 14 - December 7, Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery, La Plata Fine Arts Center,

Expansion is a series of photographic works that explores the relationship between photographs of the American West, the history of the American West and the popular romanticized narrative of that history. The images recreate historic photographs of the American West as a means to examine the ways historic, cinematic and vernacular images have constructed the myth of the West through the creation of a visual language that promotes ideologies inherent to Manifest Destiny and westward expansion.

The final images are digital constructions made from photographs of dirt piles that are a result of present-day urban expansion and new home construction. The photographic works are meant to create a dialogue with their historic counterparts by mimicking the compositional conventions of the originals, such as expansive vistas and sprawling mountain ranges, as a means to reference the expanding archive of photographs of the Western landscape that sustain the illusion of wild, untouched spaces.

Artist Lecture

November 14 at 2:30 in CE 101
Reception immediately following at the Tony Hungerford Memorial Gallery

10/9/2015 07:00 PM