Diversity Institute

Diversity Institute

The Diversity Institute, under the auspices of the Diversity and Inclusion Office at the College of Southern Maryland, strives to create a greater sense of community and improve the quality of life for community members by providing ongoing programs and experiential learning opportunities that integrate self-awareness, cultural understanding, social justice education, conflict management, and leadership development skills.


The Diversity Institute strives to empower the community as its members seek to learn about self, understand the breadth of cultural and social differences among us, and build the skills needed to create and lead a more just world. The Diversity Institute promotes respectful, open and honest interactions among people and communities of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and philosophical ideologies.


The Diversity Institute, located at the College of Southern Maryland and in collaboration with Charles County Government, is a resource that provides enrichment in the areas of cultural understanding, diversity training and leadership development for the communities that it serves. The Institute aims to be an open and welcoming environment that affirms, respects, appreciates and supports the diversity of the community and enhances a sense of belonging among all.