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Session 1:  9-10 a.m.

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Demystifying Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising for Nonprofits

Presenter: Talisha Dunn-Square

So, you have a new or seasoned nonprofit, but you have no earthly idea about how to interface with the media, right? Well, this workshop is for you! This session will assist nonprofits with learning some of the communications basics to effectively get their organizations noticed. Participants will be provided with useful worksheets and tips to guide them after the workshop is over. Two words about this workshop: Highly Interactive! Are you ready to transform your brand?

Talisha Dunn-Square

Talisha Dunn-Square is a public relations practitioner and a lecturer in the Department of Communications at Bowie State University. She describes herself as a "practitioner who loves to teach." She is the creator and owner of "The PRactitioner PRofessor" brand and the author of the new Kendall Hunt Publishing textbook, A (PR)actical Guide to Social Media.

Before entering the classroom full time, she was an award-winning public relations, journalism, and marketing professional with over 15 years of industry experience. The skilled writer and editor has worked for several traditional and digital publications including The Advocate newspaper (Baton Rouge, LA), Patch Media, and Dunn-Square has worked with a host of corporate businesses building public relations and strategic communication plans. She is a member of several professional organizations including the National Association of Black Journalists, Baltimore Association of Black Journalists, and the Maryland Communication Association.

Dunn-Square has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Southern University and A&M College and a Master of Arts in Organizational Communication from Bowie State University.


IRA Charitable Distributions: Baby Boomer Relationship Building Strategy

Presenter: Christine Parker, CFP®

The convergence of the baby boomer generation, IRA required minimum distributions, and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is reshaping traditional methods of charitable giving in 2020 and beyond. By the end of this session, nonprofit development officers should be able to design a proactive relationship-building strategy, aimed at committed and prospective donors age 70½ and older, of the leading-edge baby boomer generation, to accept monetary donations from IRAs, as part of the nonprofit's annual and recurring fundraising campaigns.

Christine ParkerChristine Parker is a CERTIFED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and owner of Parker Financial, LLC, an independent fee-only registered investment advisory firm in the state of Maryland. Parker is a wealth management advisor, specializing in helping retirees plan for retirement income and fulfill their philanthropic goals and make a lasting charitable impact in their local communities. She is a past president of the National Capital Chapter of the Financial Planning Association. Parker currently serves as chair-elect of the Sagepoint Senior Living Services Foundation Board, is a former member of the Charles County Nonprofit Institute Advisory Council, and has served on the boards of the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center Foundation, the Conservancy for Charles County, and the Zonta Club of Charles County.


Fiscal Clarity in an Age of Constant Change

Presenter: Christa Hood

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution and facing disruption due to technology on many fronts. We will discuss how new technology can improve a nonprofit’s financial processes and procedures, and the risk considerations that are needed when implementing such procedural changes. In this time of constant change, it is vital for organizations to be reviewing relevant, timely financial information in order to make informed decisions. We will discuss basic financial statements, how to interpret them, and what review/discussion should be performed by management and the board to provide necessary oversight of the organization and mitigate risk.

Christa HoodChrista Hood, CPA, Audit Principal, joined the Askey, Askey & Associates, CPA, LLC, team from a CPA firm in Northern Virginia. She received her Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Hood started her public accounting career in 2004 and decided immediately that she enjoys the personal interactions with clients that auditing requires. She currently manages numerous audits, reviews, compilations, as well as other attestation engagements for a variety of nonprofit and commercial clients.

Hood also provides business and QuickBooks consulting services, tax preparation services, and has served as temporary controller to clients. She is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and is a member in good standing with the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

After graduating from the Leadership Southern Maryland program, Class of 2018, Hood joined the board of directors and is currently the treasurer. She also served as treasurer for Girls on the Run of Southern Maryland for two years, helping the local chapter get off the ground. Hood grew up in Pennsylvania and resides in Lexington Park, Maryland. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dog, family, and friends, and loves to travel.


Strategic Planning Vision: A Rubric for Designing a Functional and Sustaining Board

Presenter: Barbara Ives

Has building an efficient and productive board been a challenge? Do you find it difficult to choose the right skill sets for a potential board member? If so, this rubric may help. This rubric has been designed by an “experienced board team” to help choose the right person for the job. Too, it helps build the board by identifying complementary characteristics to help team building and overall involvement. The rubric results can help increase board camaraderie and participation resulting in overall better organization achievement.

Barbara IvesBarbara Ives is a retired Navy veteran who pursued a parallel career as an educator and a leader in academia. Ives began her teaching career as a certified instructor in the California Community College system in 1982 and due to numerous Navy assignments in locations across the country, she also taught in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, and Maryland. Her focus has been in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM).

Following her family’s assignment in 2001 to Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Ives was selected as the Math Department chairperson for St. Mary’s Ryken High School and later selected as their Dean of Academics, developing and implementing many innovative STEAM academic and leadership programs.

In October 2015, Ms. Ives was selected as the director of Strategic Partnerships for the College of Southern Maryland. In this position, she worked closely with Southern Maryland schools, business and defense industries, military, and nonprofit organizations to establish or enhance relationships to support the college and strengthen the region. Additionally, she was responsible for overseeing the Nonprofit Institute which assists Southern Maryland nonprofit organizations in their mission through resource support, training opportunities, and direct assistance. In January 2018, Ives was selected as the interim vice president and dean at CSM's Prince Frederick campus responsible for supervising college administration and overseeing college operations.

Ives is the founder and COO of GI Enterprises, LLC, a veteran and woman-owned small business that supports professional and administrative services and educational consulting. In September 2018, Ives assumed a full-time role at GIE in educational consulting to support grant, educational management, and leadership training needs. She provides education consultation services to the Southern Maryland region to include schools and the Navy.

A 2009 Leadership Southern Maryland graduate, Ms. Ives serves on several boards of directors throughout the Southern Maryland region and a proactive member for veteran support groups including Warfighter Advance and the Southern Maryland Veteran Support Coalition.

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New Kid on the Nonprofit Block

Presenter: Patty Stine

Have you started or are thinking about starting a nonprofit? Well Patty Stine did, and she has learned a lot! It’s been two years of small victories and large defeats, but still hanging tough. During this session we’ll talk about the lessons, successes, and future plans for an entrepreneurial nonprofit. Come find out how this new kid on the nonprofit block is still hanging tough.

Patty StinePatty Stine is the founder and executive director of Pure Play Every Day. Stine began her professional career in promoting play as a child delivering play structures manufactured by her family business with her parents. Since then she has worked as a play environment designer, preschool teacher, and childcare professional trainer. She learned through all of this that play has the power to positively influence the self-image and development of children. That is why Stine is committed to demonstrating for nurturing adults simple ways in which children can experience maximum benefit from their play.

Session 2:  10:15 - 11:15 a.m.

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Creating Infographics for Social Media

Presenter: Rebecca Teaff

Did you know that consumers are 30 times more likely to read an infographic than a piece of text? They can be a fun and interactive way to visually depict vital information on social media. Infographics can showcase data you’ve collected on a particular service you offer; highlight statistics on select problems in the community that your organization aims to correct; or explain key areas of impact your organization has affected. This session covers how to create infographics and illustrates how using them on social media can enhance your social media presence and increase engagement.

Rebecca TeaffRebecca Teaff is the owner and founder of Redstart Creative. She is a creative entrepreneur, problem solver, and dreamer, with a passion for helping those changing the world that matches her passion for running a business.

Redstart Creative is a full-service marketing company building and supporting brands for women-owned small businesses and nonprofits in the educational, environmental and family support space. The company was established in 2009 with the mission to create clear communications for those who are driving positive change in the world.

Over the past 10 years, Teaff has been involved in multiple volunteer roles including marketing chair for the Association of Fundraising Professionals Maryland Chapter and National Association of Women Business Owners - Baltimore Chapter. Teaff has been awarded the Top 100 Women Award in 2018 from The Daily Record, the Successful Under 40 VIP List in 2017 from The Daily Record, and The Smart CEO Corporate Culture Award in 2015 and 2016.


Cultivation Basics for Nonprofit Sustainability

Presenter: Rachel Werner

You might have heard the term "cultivation" when you work in nonprofits but what does it really mean? Learn why cultivating funders, partners, and volunteers is essential for your organization’s growth and sustainability. Rachel Werner will share case studies and provide tools that you can use to help develop more meaningful and lasting relationships with key stakeholders.

Rachel WernerRachel Werner is the owner and CEO of RBW Strategy, a women-owned consulting firm located in the Washington, DC Metro area. She has over 16 years of experience in the corporate, nonprofit, and public sectors. Due to her experience as a project manager, grant seeker, and grant manager, she has expertise in the full lifecycle of grants activities, and currently provides fundraising, project management, and strategic planning support to nonprofit, public sector, and for-profit clients. Since the beginning of her career, she has helped to garner over $32 million in grants and contracts and has managed over $2 billion in grant funding.

Werner graduated from Vassar College and received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service. She also holds a Certificate in Grants Management (2012), is a certified Project Management Professional (since 2014), and is a Certified Grants Professional (since 2010). Werner is actively involved in the Grant Professionals Association and regularly conducts in-person and online trainings, most notably at the Grant Professionals Association Annual Conference, the National Grants Management Association Annual Conference, CharityHowTo, Candid, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, and Catalogue for Philanthropy.


Conflict Management Workshop

Presenter: Julie Walton

Clarity is as important in your future planning as it is in dealing with challenges and roadblocks! Learn about what conflict is, identify conflict styles (including your own!), and learn to become curious versus defensive when conflict arises.

Julie WaltonJulie Walton is the director of the Charles County Community Mediation Center at the College of Southern Maryland. As the center’s first director, Walton brings 20 years of experience as a practitioner, trainer, and mentor of conflict management encompassing mediation, negotiation, facilitation, consensus building, and community dialogue.

The Charles County Community Mediation Center, established in March 2016, makes available mediation and conflict management services free of charge to the community and provides direct grassroots education and outreach to individual community members.

Having spent the first 23 years of her career working in information technology, Walton took a two-year break to return to college full time to pursue a degree in international relations from Florida International University where she graduated with honors in 2010 and she became a Certified County Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court.

Walton then moved to Alexandria, Virginia for a paid internship with the U.S. State Department and led a Belize Engagement Team where she collaboratively assessed, designed, and led efforts to build a sustainable Belize City Community Mediation Program for gang and at-risk youth intervention. She earned the U.S. Department of State Meritorious Honor Award.

Since 2010, Walton has attended extensive training in mediation practices, restorative justice practices, conflict analytics, world religion, intercultural communication, facilitation, trauma awareness, and undoing racism. Walton was on the roster for the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C. training United Nations Peacekeepers in Africa.

Walton was Community Mediation Baltimore City Volunteer of the Year in 2015 for her work addressing conflict within the community and in 2015, she became a Certified Mediator in Inclusive Mediation through Community Mediation Maryland's performance-based evaluation process (PBE).


Vision to Victory: Strategic Engagement for Social Good

Presenter: Tom Morley

For many nonprofits, just "being there" to provide some help—and hope—to those in need is success. Each new day comes with challenges to the status quo that take significant time, energy, and resources to resolve. Doing more—expanding range of assistance, coverage, and/or level of support—would be awesome, but sustainability is the first priority, and it’s one nonprofits often can’t seem to get beyond, even though they may aspire to something greater. The barriers between "existing" and "growing," however, aren’t insurmountable—nonprofits can both do what they do and push for something more. This session, intended primarily for nonprofits that have been established for several years, explores what they need to do to "go big" when sustaining current services and service levels remains a primary concern. Learn about comprehensive, continuous strategic engagement—dynamic, collaborative problem-solving—and how it helps nonprofits reach their full potential. It's an approach that empowers organizations to envision "victory" over complex social challenges, using all of the tools at their disposal to make it happen.

Tom MorleyTom Morley is founder, president, and managing director of Snowflake LLC, a Certified B Corporation® consultancy that helps organizations transform lives and build communities. Morley has over 20 years of experience and has worked with more than 70 clients across sectors and industries, from local nonprofits to major international NGOs.

Since starting Snowflake in 2014, he has collaborated with over 30 organizations, building capacity to achieve social and operational goals. Prior to the Snowflake's launch, Morley spent nearly 15 years as a senior leader, consultant, and subject matter expert with "Big 4" firms BearingPoint and Deloitte Consulting. He is on the steering committee of the Nonprofit Alliance of the Northern Shenandoah Valley, a board member at Project Horse Empowerment Center, and a frequent speaker and writer on nonprofit governance, strategy, organization, people, and marketing challenges. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Delaware and a master's degree from the University of Maryland.

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Partnering for Impact

Presenter: Mike Bellis

Having trouble launching programs? Are funders' demands for partnerships making you pull your hair out? Do you feel like other nonprofits are competitors when they should be colleagues? If you answered yes to any of these questions; this session is for you! Join us as we delve into the not-so-complex world of creating, leveraging, and maintaining partnerships and how they can grow your impact. In this session, we will cover examples of powerful partnerships, relationships your organization should be making today, and the consequences of forging ahead solo.

Mike BellisMike Bellis is the executive director of United Way of Charles County—he joined the organization in November of 2014. During his tenure, Bellis established new and dynamic relationships with individuals, organizations, and companies, contributing to a 119% increase in impact gifts. He also launched an affinity giving program to engage young professionals, rebranded the Women's Giving Program to align with network best practices, and launched a major giving program.

Bellis has held a variety of positions with nonprofit and for-profit businesses across the region including Hospice of Charles County and Melwood, Inc.—Maryland’s second-largest disability provider. At Melwood, Bellis chaired the United Way Campaign and over a two-year period raised over $40,000. Prior to joining United Way of Charles County, Bellis served as the Community Relations Manager for the region’s oldest home health provider.

He serves on the Board of Directors of the Charles County Chamber of Commerce, Calvert/Charles/St. Mary’s Continuum of Care, Charles County Local Management Board, and the Charles County Homeless and Emergency Shelter Committee. He is also the past president of the Waldorf Rotary Club.

Bellis is originally from Sarasota, Florida and relocated to Southern Maryland eight years ago. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, fishing, and working on his classic Jeep.


Keynote Speaker Maggy Sterner

Maggy SternerMaggy Sterner is a branding coach for small businesses and nonprofits. She helps them get clarity about their brand message so they can describe it clearly—online and out loud. Sterner believes when you have laser clarity about your mission, you'll be magnetic to your target audience because you'll communicate your message with confidence. Her mission is stripping off words that don't matter in your marketing messages so that what you care about is clear to the people who are listening for you..

During her career as a photojournalist, writer, geek-to-human translator, and broadcast news reporter, Sterner's main job was the same as the one she does now: Find the ONE thing that holds everything together and communicate it so people can understand.

Sterner learned the art and craft of getting to the bottom line of things as a radio and TV reporter for CBS News in Manila and Johannesburg. She walked into chaos and came out with a 40-second story that contained the essential truth of what just happened.

That was perfect training for her job as the first user experience analyst at NPR's website. Based on user feedback, Sterner had to find the exact cause of whatever was broken on NPR's website and get it fixed. Not fixing it wasn't an option.

She lives in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, and works with clients virtually and in-person all over the world. She shares the leadership philosophy of her hero, Bruce Springsteen: "Baby, we were born to run."

Session 3: 12:45 - 1:45 p.m.

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Meet the Media

Moderator: Karen Smith Hupp

A panel discussion and Q&A with representatives of print, broadcast, and online media. Find out how to bring your organization's news, events, and accomplishments to the attention of media outlets in Southern Maryland.

Moderated by Karen Smith Hupp, CSM Assistant Vice President of Government Relations/Public Information Officer, panelists include:


Shift in Focus: The Changing Nature of Nonprofits and Interactions with the Business Community

Moderator: Bill Hitte

The philanthropic agenda has taken center stage in the business community as businesses strive to appeal to consumers who want to buy from companies who "give back." Panel discussion and Q&A.

Moderated by Bill Hitte, business consultant with the Southern Maryland Small Business Development Center, panelists include Todd Pittman, Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, Diane Hicks, Community Bank of the Chesapeake, and Michelle Sullivan, Nonprofit Institute / All Ages Read Together.


Mindfulness for Nonprofits: Got N.U.T.S. ? Get the Tools to Crack 'Em !

Presenter: Linda Lee Plank-Morgan

N.U.T.S. — Negative Unconscious Thoughts and Self-beliefs limit us in our personal lives and in our nonprofit work. This session will help you identify the N.U.T.S. that filter and influence your thoughts, feelings, decisions, reactions, and behavior patterns. Learn tools and strategies for self-awareness, stress management, and productivity. Walk out with a fresh mindset for your personal and professional life.

Linda Lee Plank-MorganLinda Lee Plank-Morgan is a board-certified healthcare support hypnotist and instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ICBCH). As a Hope Coach, she assists clients with cancer or dire illness at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Anne Arundel Medical Center and emergent needs at Calvert Health Hospital. She works with individuals, couples, and families in her private Huntingtown practice, Envision Hypnosis of Southern Maryland.

She holds 11 advanced certifications: Medical, Pain, Cancer, and Forensic Hypnosis; Testing Performance and PTSD, to name a few. Linda Lee created the Envision Yourself Healthy Weight Loss Protocol after losing 86 pounds with hypnosis. She is busy writing a training manual and two advanced certification programs for future hypnotists, a book on Silencing the Inner Critic (her favorite work) and Mindful Living curriculum and projects for schools.

Plank-Morgan dreams of every school adopting mindfulness training programs into their curriculum to empower students’ self-belief systems for excellence; mindfulness tools for coping, self-regulation, and to reduce anxiety; and neuroplasticity techniques to re-wire behavior patterns.

But she doesn’t stop with the kids! She is very active with the adults, as a Mindful Living Coach, with motivational and training events in businesses, organizations, support groups, clubs, and private get-togethers helping with enhancing performance, removing blocks for success and breaking free from anxiety!

In 2014, Linda Lee decided to leave her work with k-12 deaf and special needs children and the medical field to go back to school at 54 years of age! Envision Hypnosis of Southern MD, LLC is now in its sixth year and The Envision Mindfulness Center was started in August of 2018.

Plank-Morgan continues her education in several mindfulness programs. She is a mentor at one local high school and loves photography. She is a mother of three daughters and grandmother of seven. She believes it is never too early or too late to change the course of your life.


Much at Stake – A Short Course in Stakeholder Mapping

Presenter: Linda Howard

Imagine you are meeting with your board about a new program. They love your idea and believe it could make significant contributions to your mission – assuming your clients are interested and you can secure funding. What are the needs and wants of your clients? Which of your funders would likely support the initiative? Do you need support from a broader community? Would any of your stakeholders resist the idea altogether? During this session, we will explore tools and techniques to 1) Gather information about your stakeholders, 2) Create a Stakeholder Map, and 3) Explore strategies to engage your stakeholders.

Linda HowardLinda Howard is the founder and owner of Howard Consulting, LLC which helps nonprofit leaders who want to improve the performance of their projects and teams so they can build stronger businesses and have greater impact.

Howard uses project management concepts with the Everything DiSC Workplace® behavior assessment as tools for building stronger teams. Through seminars, workshops, and facilitated meetings and retreats, she helps teams better understand each other, build more effective work relationships, and achieve better results from their projects and programs. Howard is also a Project Management Professional, a Certified Management Consultant, and an Everything DiSC and 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team facilitator.

On a personal note, she is absolutely in love with the outdoors and can often be found wandering in the woods, kayaking on a lazy river, or searching for a quiet place to enjoy the next sunset.

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Excelling in Board/Executive Director Partnerships

Presenter: Carmen Marshall

The number of nonprofits that struggle to create an effective partnership between the volunteer board and executive director is high. This session will explore issues of the all-important partnership between a nonprofit's board of directors and its executive director or chief executive officer. You will receive helpful frameworks, strategies, and tools to help navigate and nurture this shared leadership.

Carmen MarshallCarmen Marshall is the director of consulting for Maryland Nonprofits. Armed with the insightful ability to draw out and call out greatness in others, through her transformational coaching, keynotes, consulting and training, she lives to help organizations and individuals get on a path of wholeness and transformation.

Marshall coaches leaders, entrepreneurs and executives, leadership development, adult learning, performance improvement, board governance, and personal growth. In addition to the traditional nonprofits, she has worked extensively with faith-based organizations.

As a consultant, Marshall has over 25 years of experience working with large, mid-sized, and small organizations in both the nonprofit and corporate arenas as well as faith-based organizations working with entrepreneurs, senior leaders, and staff. She is a licensed consultant of the Standards for Excellence Institute®, completed The Art of Transformational Consulting, and is certified by Coaching for Transformation (accredited by the International Coaching Federation).

Marshall has worked with leaders and organizations as a marketing and communications strategist. Her portfolio includes marketing, communications, media relations, strategy, professional blogging, technical and speech writing for executive leaders. She writes and designs marketing materials, including newsletters, convention materials, annual reports, and strategic plans.

In addition, for 10 years, Marshall worked as an executive in financial services. As a financial advisor she participated in the financing of municipal bond transactions totaling in billions in the aggregate. She attended the University of Massachusetts at Boston and received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas Southern University in Houston. Marshall is the former executive pastor of the historic Bright Hope Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Pa., (formerly led by the late Congressman William H. Gray III). In that role, she shouldered both the executive and senior pastor responsibilities in the absence of a senior pastor. She is the first woman to lead the congregation in 107 years. She is also the former executive director of the National Black Media Coalition.

Session 4: 2 - 3 p.m.

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Meet the Media

Moderator: Karen Smith Hupp

This panel discussion continues through Session 4: A panel discussion with representatives of print, broadcast, and online media. Find out how to bring your organization's news, events, and accomplishments to the attention of media outlets in Southern Maryland.


Finding Grants

Presenter: Southern Maryland Libraries

Join representatives from each of the Southern Maryland Library systems for an overview of grant seeking resources offered by their library branches. Participants will learn the basics of searching for a grant using Foundation Directory Online and have an opportunity for a short Q&A session.

Daniel Rheingrover is the assistant branch manager of the Waldorf West Branch of the Charles County Public Library; Jen Cavanaugh is a librarian with the St. Mary’s County Public Library, and Jen Seidel is a public services librarian at the Prince Frederick branch of the Calvert Library.


Making the Most of Every Day

Presenter: Erin Lewis

Whether you are just starting a nonprofit or have been serving for decades, time management is a skill that requires refinement. During this session you will learn specific strategies that you can implement immediately to increase your energy so you can get more done in a day. Lewis will share from her personal experience how to maximize and focus so that you can maintain a great work/life balance.

Erin LewisErin Lewis is the owner and risk advisor at one of the fastest- growing personal lines insurance agencies in the country— Goosehead Insurance. She and her team help Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Delaware families protect their dreams (new home, vehicle, business) by utilizing sophisticated technology, the power of choice, concierge customer service, and expertise to provide the right insurance coverage at a fair price.

She is founder of The Dream Queen Foundation—an organization dedicated to creating a world where all women and girls have the knowledge and support they need to step into positions of leadership and bring their whole selves to impacting the world, making it a more positive, peaceful, and joyful place to live.

Lewis serves as chair of the Commission for the Governor’s Office on Service & Volunteerism and is a steering committee member for the Million Women Mentor Maryland Initiative. She has been awarded the Business Leadership Woman of Impact Award from the Southern Maryland Women’s League, the Lifetime Legacy Leader Award from the Carolyn E. Parker Foundation, and the Women Who Make a Difference Award from the Northern Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce.

Lewis received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. She has a gift for bringing people together and inspiring them to be their best. She speaks from personal experience on various topics including: Success Secrets of Top 5% Industry Performers, How the Focus of Leaving a Legacy can Transform Your Business, and Strategies for Creating Your Happiest Life. She is most proud to be the mom of an energetic, strong-willed six-year-old old daughter, wife to her husband of seven years, and step-mom to two athletic boys.


Strategic Planning (gasp!): How do you Know When the Time is Right and Where to Start?

Presenter: Christy Parque

You know you need to have a strategic plan for your nonprofit organization. Maybe you already have one. When was the last time it was updated? How do you know when to update it? How do you know when to start the process if your organization doesn't have a strategic plan? So many questions! This session will provide some answers.

Cris ParqueChristy Parque is the owner of Root Solutions Consulting. She has been a powerful voice for human services programs and consumers through leading nonprofit organizations and member and advocacy associations for over 20 years. She is passionate about creating strong and healthy individuals and thriving communities. A recent transplant to Maryland, Parque was most recently the president and CEO of New York's largest behavioral health association and was formerly the executive director on New York City's homeless services advocacy and member association.

Parque specializes in strategies that focus on inclusive public policy design, program implementation, and evaluation. She has worked tirelessly to develop collaborative relationships with elected officials, government professionals, community partners, consumers and service providers. Recognized as a leader in human services, homeless services, housing, health and behavioral health, aging, and criminal justice, Parque is frequently called upon to present expert testimony at public hearings and is a frequent guest lecturer at conferences and universities.

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Recruiting the Board You Really Need!

Presenter: Dr. Jim Wilson

Are your board members full of talk and no action? Do you lack confidence in your board’s follow-through? Do you wish you could ask some board members to leave? This session will address the concepts involved with recruiting a balanced, engaged, and connected board which is critical to any organization’s short and long-term success. Making sure you have the right people around the table, and that all are contributing of their time, talents, and treasures to the maximum extent possible, is the responsibility of the organization’s leadership. We’ll address a number of important questions about the selection and development of board members, as well as several other important and necessary actions and activities involved with recruiting the board you really need!

Jim WilsonDr. Jim Wilson is the principal of the SLOFLT Group LLC. His broad background includes leading various defense acquisition programs and business development organizations within Raytheon Company. He is a retired Navy Captain, and holds a doctorate in management, in organizational leadership. Wilson has been involved with the support of a number of nonprofit organizations. In addition to sitting on boards at various levels of nonprofits, he teaches and facilitates training for executive boards, as well as supporting the effective on-boarding of new organization executives. His organization is focused on supporting strategically-led, operationally-focused leaders and leadership teams.


Maryland Governor’s Grants Office
Provides resources, training, research, and guidance on federal, state, and foundation grants.

Community Foundation of Southern Maryland
Builds charitable funds and grants that support community needs and opportunities.

Southern Maryland Libraries/Funding Information Network: Foundation Directory Online
The leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide and maintains the most comprehensive grants database. The database is available at the Charles County Public Library, St. Mary's County Public Library, and Calvert County Public Library.

WorkForce Center at CSM
Assists businesses with customized workforce training and resources.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)
Nonprofits partnering with SCSEP are able to fulfill various on-site needs.

Volunteer Maryland
Volunteer Maryland builds stronger, healthier communities by developing volunteer programs with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and schools.

Mediation Centers of Southern Maryland
Community mediation centers provide no cost mediation and other conflict resolution services.
Charles County Community Mediation Center
Community Mediation Center of Calvert County
Community Mediation of St. Mary's County

Rural Maryland Council
RMC’s vision is a future where all of Rural Maryland is prosperous with thriving resources, vibrant economies, and healthy, connected communities.

Maryland Insurance Administration
Information about all types of business and health insurance for nonprofits.

Seedco - Maryland Health Connection
A national nonprofit organization that advances economic opportunity for people, businesses and communities in need.