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Tri-County Nonprofit Spotlight:

Warfighter Advance

Warfighter Advance's ADVANCE 7-Day Training Op offers relief, clarity, and camaraderie to warfighters from all generations and branches of service.  Without powerful medications, the ADVANCE 7-Day™ teaches and equips warfighters for successful post-deployment reintegration.

Warfighter Advance teamThe ADVANCE™ is, at its core, a 7-day program that uses a variety of means to change the trajectory of the warfighter’s (active duty or veteran) post-deployment life.  This is so that rather than an existence characterized by an endless cycle of mental illness diagnoses, medications, medical appointments, and disappointments, the warfighter has a life characterized by pride, productivity, healthy relationships, continued service, and advocacy for these same outcomes for their fellow service members.   

Warfighters are asked to arrive with high expectations for themselves and for the program.  By week’s end, warfighters have learned that their outcome is their responsibility, while they are no longer bewildered as to how to achieve their desired outcome.  In order to achieve this, we support them with the knowledge, tools, relationships, and support necessary to move forward as warfighters (past or present), rather than patients.

The ADVANCE 7-Day™ welcomes warfighters who are struggling with what is typically known as "PTSD," with or without a formal diagnosis.  Other post-deployment "mental illness" labels or problems such as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, anger, and TBI are also considered.  All referrals are self-referrals.  No paperwork documenting "mental illness" is required or accepted.  

Warfighter Advance teamThe ADVANCE™ welcomes warfighters who have been treated by traditional psychiatric methods, as well as warfighters who have been struggling on their own to reintegrate or deal with their operational traumas.  Warfighters who are discouraged because nothing that has been offered to them has helped, as well as those who have self-medication or substance abuse problems are welcome.  Enrollment is not limited to those who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom or any other conflict, operation, or specific set of dates.

While The ADVANCE 7-Day™ is the core program of WA, a range of other services are ready to deploy upon request.  Warfighter Advance can provide special sessions on topics including, but not limited to, combat stress with compassion fatigue, issues unique to military chaplains and their assistants, Vietnam veterans, military sexual assault, and trauma recovery without psychiatric medications.

Warfighter Advance accepts donations to cover program costs. It also holds fundraisers and has a Murder Mystery event scheduled for Sept. 22, 2018, 5:30 – 9 p.m., Middleton Hall, 4045 Renner Road, Waldorf, Maryland 20602. Information and tickets >> 

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