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Nonprofit Spotlight:

Pure Play Every Day

Pure Play Every Day logoPure Play Every Day is a nonprofit that wants to help your kids play. The people involved with the organization come from many backgrounds, from teachers to businessmen, but all have the same belief: Kids need play to develop happy and full lives.

But what is play?

Play is what children naturally do without being told. Play appears unstructured and chaotic, but it is an expression of self-driven purpose, creativity, and fun for kids.

Play is essential to the development of healthy relationships, self-esteem, and mental development. That’s why we begin our lives playing and thrive best when we continue it throughout our lives. Pure play exists to assist adults in their goal to help children win in life through the powerhouse of play.

Pure Play Every Day runs workshops to train adults to be "Play Facilitators" — who help promote the art of play to its greatest extent. It also hosts events to spread the word — and play while they do it, of course. Events include:

  • National Night Out
  • Charles County Fair
  • Pure Play Birthday Parties

Photo of young child playingRough housing, jumping in puddles, and climbing trees — kid-defined play — is missing from many of their lives. Screen time is becoming a replacement for face-to-face relationships. Play, viewed only as entertainment, is given the back seat to highly scheduled activities. There isn’t enough play, and society is dealing with highly stressed children with less ability to self regulate and problem solve on their own.

Parents and educators can be a big part of the solution. That’s why Pure Play Every Day seeks to educate all adults in the power and art of play.

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