Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery

Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery

See the work of various local and national artists in the Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery.

The gallery was established in 2000 in memory of Southern Maryland artist Tony Hungerford, the son of Vincent and Evelyn Hungerford.

The gallery is at the La Plata Campus, Fine Arts Center and is open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please call 301-934-7828 to arrange for other hours if necessary. Gallery Talks are usually held on Tuesday afternoons and are free and open to the public.

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2017-2018 Schedule of Gallery Exhibits


Rachel Schechtman | September 5 - 28
curated by Katherine Sifers

Artist Lecture: September 21, 2:30 p.m.
Learning Resource Center (LR Building), Room 102
Reception to follow

Nested VaseRachel Schechtman’s work explores the body and its associated anxieties through the lens of commonplace material explorations. Through the use of small scale experiments, she is able to uncover the sometimes hidden possibilities and meaning inherent within an object or substance. She most commonly uses materials that change over time. These elements crystallize, grow, wither, etc. The dynamic behavior of the materials allow her the room to both collaborate with the materials as well as be surprised by them.

Rachel Schechtman is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Washington, D.C. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from The George Washington University in 2012. Her mixed media assemblages, installations, and videos investigate issues tied to the body, health, and gender.

Nested Vase

Painters Be Like

featuring works by Jason Stopa, Adam Lovitz, and Madeline Seely | October 9 - November 2
curated by Yikui Gu

Three Abstract Paintings“ It is what it is, ‘cept it ain’t what it used to be
  That’s news to me
  Choose to be free, musically “

-              MF Doom

The Tony Hungerford Memorial Gallery at the College of Southern Maryland is pleased to present Painters Be Like, a group exhibit featuring the works of Jason Stopa, Adam Lovitz, and Madeline Seely. These three artists are all based in the Mid-Atlantic and are approaching the venerable medium of painting through a range of tactics, both affirming and subverting painting’s long tradition. Their works run the gamut from representation to abstraction, often straddling and blurring the line between both, and incorporates elements of humor, sincerity, and at times a casual indifference. All three are at different career stages and will provide students at the College of Southern Maryland great examples of what their next steps may be.

Three Abstract Paintings (Pink Studio), 2016, by Jason Stopa


Daniel Kaufmann | November 14 - December 7
curated by George Bedell

Artist Lecture: November 14, 2:30 p.m.
CE Building, Room 101
Reception to follow in the Tony Hungerford Memorial Gallery 

Danny KaufmannExpansion is a series of photographic works that explores the relationship between photographs of the American West, the history of the American West and the popular romanticized narrative of that history. The images recreate historic photographs of the American West as a means to examine the ways historic, cinematic and vernacular images have constructed the myth of the West through the creation of a visual language that promotes ideologies inherent to Manifest Destiny and westward expansion.

The final images are digital constructions made from photographs of dirt piles that are a result of present-day urban expansion and new home construction. The photographic works are meant to create a dialogue with their historic counterparts by mimicking the compositional conventions of the originals, such as expansive vistas and sprawling mountain ranges, as a means to reference the expanding archive of photographs of the Western landscape that sustain the illusion of wild, untouched spaces.

Expansion - Union Point


Tall Tales: Ceramic Sculpture Culture Exhibition

February 5 - March 1
curated by Lindsay Pichaske

How The West Was WonThis exhibition showcases contemporary ceramic works by artists Travis Winters, Taylor Robenalt, Ben Lambert, Jamie Bates Sloan, Kevin Rohde, Kyungmin Park, David kring, Richard James, Hannah Cameron, and Gunyoung Kim. From figure sculpture to functional pottery, the work in this exhibition represents the range of possibilities in the field of ceramics.

Artist Lecture: February 22 | 12:30 p.m.
Community Education Building (CE Building), Room 101

Travis Winters, "How The West Was Won", Earthenware, Terra Sig, Glaze, Stains, Oxides,, 25”x 27”x 9”, 2017


Masters of the Universe

featuring works by Chris Bishop, Bonner Sale, and Andrew Wodzianski | March 12 - April 4
curated by Andrew Wodzianski

Come With MeArtwork celebrating the myth, magic, and marketing of a Mattel Toy masterpiece.

COME WITH ME THE WATER IS CLEAR AND OUR FATES ARE SEALED, 2013, 14 x 11", mixed media, Bonner Sale


Annual Juried Student Exhibition

April 16 - May 10

Juror: Matthew Phinney
Award Presentation: Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 2:30 p.m.

Untitled CyanotypePaintings in broad brush strokes, photos in captivating focus, and sculptures molded with playfulness are among the types of artwork showcased each spring as part of the College of Southern Maryland Annual Juried Student
Exhibition presented in the Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery, Fine Arts Center, La Plata Campus.


Thanks to Our Artists

"The Yellow School Bus" 14"x11
"The Yellow School Bus" 14"x11

A Gift from Artist Jan Clayton Pagratis

Artist Jan Clayton Pagratis has made a gift to CSM of one of the paintings from her show:  "The Yellow School Bus" 14"x11"  Encaustic, Pencil Shavings, Rusty Metal and Wood, on Canvas.

Ms. Pagratis expressed her warm gratitude for the opportunity to show her work at CSM and a special appreciation for the interest expressed by the students. The painting she donated relates to students, and education in particular, and she felt CSM to be an appropriate home for the painting. CSM, the Division of Communication, Arts and Humanities and the Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery would like to thank Ms. Pagratis for her gift and show our appreciation for her work.

 Juniper II, 2004
" Juniper II, 2004" Larry Chappelear

A Gift from the Chappelear Family

The family of painter and avid sportsman Professor Larry Chappelear has made a wonderful gift to CSM of one of his abstract paintings, Juniper II, 2004, mixed media on panel, now hanging in the FA Theatre Lobby. From 1973 to his retirement in 2011, Mr. Chappelear was an advocate and coordinator for the Studio Arts program, promoted exhibits of visiting artists that led to the founding of the Tony Hungerford Art Gallery, became a  popular professor who helped thousands of students acquire a greater appreciation of the arts and more skill in expressing their own artistry, and married potter and fellow faculty member Susan Chappelear. We missed Mr. Chappelear when he retired from the college family and came to miss him even more when he passed away in the early months of his retirement. Juniper II is all the more treasured as an addition to the college's art collection, for his work will serve as a lasting memory of his contributions to the college and his skill and creativity as a painter.