Scholarship Finder FAQs

Scholarship Finder

Is there a deadline to apply for scholarships with CSM?

The priority deadline for most scholarships is April 28, but some are due as early as March 31, so apply as soon as possible! This means decisions will begin after that date and continue until funds are no longer available. The committee anticipates decisions will be made prior to the Fall payment due date.

How do I apply for scholarships at CSM?

To apply for scholarships at CSM, visit the Online Scholarship Finder.

What do I need to Log In to the scholarship application?

You will need a CSM Student ID Number for your log-in and you will create your own password. To receive a CSM student ID number you must complete our Admissions Application.  If you are unsure of your CSM Student ID Number you can visit any CSM campus library to obtain a valid CSM OneCard (please bring a valid photo ID). If you completed your Admissions Application today you will receive your Student ID Number within 10 business days on your Acceptance Letter from CSM.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Log in with your CSM Student ID Number and click on Forgot My Password, an email will be generated and sent to you with your password. This is the only way to get your password; it is system generated.

Do I need to send Transcripts for each scholarship I apply for?

No, if you are a high school senior or a transfer student you are required to submit one Official Transcript to the Development Department at our La Plata Campus. 

College of Southern Maryland
Development Office
ATTN: CSM Online Scholarship Finder Coordinator
P.O. Box 910
La Plata, MD 20646

* Please be sure that your official transcript is addressed to the attention of the CSM Online Scholarship Finder Coordinator.

If I am a current CSM student, do I need to submit an Official Transcript?

No; by completing the Scholarship Application you are authorizing CSM to review your academic information.

What additional documentation will I need to submit with the scholarship application?

Depending on the individual scholarship requirements you may need an essay or other documents attached to your scholarship application. You can upload these documents once you complete your scholarship application or send them to the Development Department at the La Plata Campus.  

College of Southern Maryland
Development Office
ATTN: CSM Online Scholarship Finder Coordinator
P.O. Box 910
La Plata, MD 20646

*Please be sure to address all correspondence/documentation to the attention of the CSM Online Scholarship Coordinator

I entered my information on the scholarship application but when I logged back in nothing was saved.

CSM's Online Scholarship Finder  will time out if you do not save your work as you proceed through the application process. Please save your work often to avoid losing your information.

I completed my scholarship application before the deadline. How will I be notified of my award status?

You will be notified by mail whether or not you have been chosen to receive a scholarship.

How do I check on the status of my scholarship application?

Once you apply at CSM Online Scholarship Finder you will need to wait to receive your letter from the scholarship committee to inform you of their decision. The Financial Assistance Department at CSM will not have specific information available prior to Scholarship Committee decisions. You can access your specific scholarship application information if you log back into CSM 's Online Scholarship Finder to view the scholarships you applied for.

Who can I contact if I have general questions about scholarships CSM offers?

For general questions you can contact the Financial Assistance Department at the La Plata Campus at 301-934-7531.