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Costs are listed with each course description. Full payment of tuition and fees or third-party payment documentation must accompany the completed registration form(s). Students are individually responsible for payment of tuition, fees, and all other charges.

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Additional Fees

  • Legal residents of Maryland residing outside of the tri-county area: $5 more per course
  • Out-of-state residents: $10 more per course
  • Letter of Recognition: No cost
  • Replacement of letter of recognition: No cost
  • Combined Registration Fee: Every student taking a credit or continuing education course is required to pay a combined registration fee. For credit students, the combined fee includes the registration fee, campus fee, technology fee, and student activity fee. For continuing education students, the combined fee includes the registration fee, campus fee, and a technology fee, but not a student activity fee.

Proof of Residency

To be eligible for in-county or in-state rates, please sign a statement on the Continuing Education Registration form certifying that you've lived at your current address for at least three consecutive months. Adjustments of tuition will not be made once the class starts, even if you move.

If you have questions or wish to review your residency status, contact the Admissions Office at 301-934-7520 or 301-475-6707, ext. 7520.

Free Tuition for Senior Citizens

If you are a Maryland resident, 60 years of age or older as defined by the Social Security or Railroad Retirement Act, you need not pay the course tuition for most courses, if the course has sufficient enrollment to be conducted. However, you are still responsible for all other related costs and fees.