Biological and Physical Sciences

Professor assists students with lab work

With programs in Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, and Environmental Studies, the Biological and Physical Sciences Division can equip you for allied health careers or prepare you for transfer to a bachelor’s program.

The Division of Biological and Physical Sciences seeks to empower students in their personal academic and professional lives by expanding their knowledge of biological and physical sciences and enhancing their skills in using scientific approaches to knowledge.  The divisional mission essentially addresses three needs by providing:

  • Service to all academic divisions in the form of general education, knowledge, and skills
  • High quality content specialization aimed at transfer preparation 
  • Support courses for all allied health programs

The division offers college-level and continuing education courses, stressing competency in reasoning, critical thinking, and knowledge of biological and physical science.

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For more information, contact:

Jennifer Houchin
Biological and Physical Sciences Administrative Assistant