Computing Requirements for Business, Technology, and Public Service Division Courses

Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Information Services Technology, Information Services Technology: Web Developer

This information is intended to help students who wish to purchase a computer system or prepare their current computer systems for courses offered by the Business, Technology, and Public Service Division that have computing requirements.  These courses are designated with an “ITS” prefix. Most of the software to complete coursework is available in designated learning labs on each campus. Online students are welcome to use these labs.  For some specialized IT web classes, software is NOT available in campus computing labs. Therefore, students enrolled in computing programs are highly encouraged to have their own personal computers. 

Recommended System Specifications

  • Windows 7 or above operating system. Windows 10 is recommended.
  • Please contact the program coordinator of your program for specific hardware recommendations.

College Bookstore Computer Systems

Software Requirements

  • All classes require the use of Microsoft Office 365.
  • Check your course syllabus during the myLearning course preview (7 days prior to the start of classes) for other possible software requirements for your course. You may also contact the program coordinator of your program of studies with questions.
  • The College Bookstore may order software for students on financial aid on request.