Communication, Arts, and Humanities

Student plays the piano with a professor

From Art History to Digital Media Production, from Philosophy to Graphic Design, the Communication, Arts and Humanities Division offers programs that will expand your cultural knowledge, improve your communications skills, and teach you to translate meaningful self-expression into exciting professional opportunities.

The Communication, Arts and Humanities Division seeks to empower students in their personal, academic, and professional lives by expanding their communication skills and abilities, cultural experiences and knowledge of the fine arts, performing arts, and the humanities, and by enhancing their  self expression skills through the ideas inherent in the arts and humanities.  Through a wide array of college-level credit courses, students will have opportunities to increase their knowledge in communication, improve their critical thinking abilities, and broaden their appreciation and knowledge of the arts, humanities and cultural diversity.

The divisional mission includes the following goals: 

  • Serve all academic programs with general education courses and academic  knowledge and skills.
  • Provide high-quality content specialization courses aimed at transfer preparation.
  • Provide community service through arts related programs and exhibitions.
  • Support faculty members to improve continually in their disciplines, learning strategies, teaching skills, retention initiatives, and to serve the college and community intellectually.

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Markia Simmonds
Communication, Arts, and Humanities Administrative Assistant