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Helene A. Cameron
Director of Health Sciences Program Outreach

Specific questions regarding the petition process can be directed to:

Jacqueline Koerbel
Health Sciences Advisor

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Visit the Nursing program website to learn more about program requirements, petitioning, accreditation, and more.

Nursing Students

The Director of Health Sciences Program Outreach is responsible for guiding and directing students in the Health Sciences programs in their educational and career paths. Specifically, the Director of Health Sciences Program Outreach assists preclinical students in identifying and accessing services necessary to support student success and acts as a mentor and advisor. Students are provided with information about the petition process, the ATI TEAS test including test registration, preparation materials and test-taking strategies, financial aid and scholarships, assistance in course planning, etc.  Additionally, Academic Advisors at any campus are available to assist you.  

Health Sciences Programs

Articulated Programs with Prince George's Community College:

*Denotes pretition required for admission to the program. The petition process is different for each program. Please be sure to read your desired program of study petition information carefully.

Health Sciences Information Sessions

Anyone thinking about petitioning to the Nursing program needs to attend a Health Sciences Information Session. This session provides an in-depth overview on when you are ready to petition for admission into the Nursing program, how the admission process works, and important information about what happens after you are admitted.  Health Sciences Information Sessions are offered at all campuses during the Fall and Spring semesters.  Click here for information on dates and to reserve a seat.

The ATI-TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills)

Students petitioning for admission to the nursing program will need to submit test scores for the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS).  The ATI TEAS test is used by many nursing schools as part of their criteria for admission.  There is robust national data correlating TEAS scores to early nursing school performance. 

TEAS Quick Facts

  • The ATI TEAS test is made up of 170 multiple choice questions in four skill areas.  150 are graded.

Content Area

# of Questions

Time Limit



64 minutes



54 minutes



63 minutes



28 minutes



209 minutes

  • The cost of the test is $85. Registration is non-refundable
  • The test is offered through all CSM Testing Centers. Schedule your test date, time, test site, and pay for the test through the ATI registration website:
  • Register for the TEAS for Nursing students. Provide your CSM student ID number when you create your account.
  • A countdown timer is provided within the computer based test for each test section.
  • A calculator is imbedded in the math program for online computer based tests.
  • The difficulty of test questions is randomly mixed throughout the exam.
  • Test answers are scored as either correct or incorrect. Unanswered questions will be scored as incorrect.
  • Computer based tests are scored immediately and results can be viewed in your ATI account.
  • 59% or higher on the Individual Total Score is required for admission to the CSM Nursing Program.
  • Scores are good for 3 years and must be valid on the petition deadline date.
  • Testers must wait 60 days between each test attempt. There is no limit on the number of attempts.

You can read more about the TEAS test here.

TEAS Test Preparation and Learning Resource Centers

Preparation is Crucial for Success!

Plan on at least 45 minutes every day for at least a month or more to prepare.  Use a variety of resources to review and reinforce material for the test.  Take timed practice tests to learn how to pace yourself - you will have about one minute to answer most questions.  Students who are non-native English speakers may need more time to prepare for the TEAS, especially in reading comprehension and English grammar skills.  There are reading problems in math and science. 

Learning Resource Center Resources for TEAS Test Preparation

Learning Resource Centers at each campus, as well as the Library, have study guides.  Study guides will not be available for check out.   Learning Resource Coordinators at each campus can help currently enrolled CSM students with setting up a study schedule, test-taking skills, or managing test anxiety.  Information on how to contact the Learning Resource Coordinators is here.

PLATO is an on-line intensive review program provided FREE to currently enrolled CSM students.  It is available 24/7 and can be done anywhere you have a computer and internet access.  Contact the Learning Resource Center at to be assigned a login and password.  Provide your full name (first, middle, last), your CSM student id number and specify that you want the TEAS test prep. 

Tutors are available at each campus to provide help to currently enrolled CSM students for FREE.   Bring your practice materials to them when you need assistance.  Schedules for tutors are posted here at the start of each semester.  

Disability Support Services can assist currently enrolled students with how to document eligibility for test accommodations for the ATI TEAS. Allow at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to your test date for the process to be complete. Students who receive accommodations for testing should contact the Testing Center prior to their test date to confirm and coordinate their arrangements.  Extended time testers must schedule a morning exam.  More information on Disability Support Services can be found here.

TEAS Test and Non-native speakers of English

Non-native speakers of English frequently need to spend more time preparing for standardized tests like the TEAS. Extensive preparation may be needed for several reasons.  Written English is different from spoken English. The TEAS test will measure your understanding and correct use of grammar, parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.  Questions may incorporate idioms or phrases which are unique to American culture.  Reading skills are incorporated into other test sections such as word problems in math and science.  Time spent reading and then translating questions from English into another language can impact how many you are able to answer in the limited time you are given.  Unanswered questions are marked as incorrect.  Taking timed practice tests should be part of your test preparation. 

Study Materials for the TEAS test

Be sure any practice material you are using is for the ATI TEAS or TEAS 6.

The "ATI TEAS Study Manual" from ATI Testing will most closely match what you will see on the test.   Students can use financial aid to purchase the study manual through the Bookstore using the CSM OneCard.  It is also available for purchase online from Amazon or Books-A-Million.  Practice tests and other materials can be purchased online through ATI Testing.

The “ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide” by Mometrix Test Preparation has positive reviews from test takers.  It includes 3 full length practice tests. Students can use financial aid to purchase this study guide through the Bookstore using the CSM OneCard.  It is also available for purchase online from Amazon or Books-A-Million.  This guide is not made by ATI Testing. 

Free TEAS Practice Questions and Study Apps

These are a good introduction to the kinds of questions you are likely to see on the ATI TEAS test but are not enough for adequate preparation.  These sites offer the option to purchase TEAS study materials and, in some cases, tutoring.  Tutors are available to assist currently enrolled students at CSM for FREE!

Mobile phone apps for Android and/or iPhone

Most apps are FREE with the option to add additional features for a fee.

  • Pocket Prep- ATI TEAS exam Prep 2017
  • Higher Learning Technologies-TEAS Mastery: Version 6
  • CoCo E-Learning-ATI TEAS 6 Practice Test
  • Quizlet – Flashcards made by other students preparing for the TEAS

Helpful Websites for TEAS Subject Review and Test Preparation

Helpful Websites for Additional Subject Review - math and science review material. - reading comprehension and English usage skills worksheets. - videos for math, English, and science.  See it, hear it, do it! - basic arithmetic to advanced math with a sense of humor and fun! - understanding the scientific method. - chemistry and physical science. - human anatomy and physiology.

Test Taking Skills and Managing Test Anxiety

TEAS One Month Study Schedules

These study schedules are based on information provided in the ATI TEAS Study Guide, Sixth Edition.  

Disclaimer:  These study schedules were created by Lynda White, former Nursing Programs Outreach Advisor and HEA Student Success Coach, as a tool to help you prepare.  They are not endorsed by ATI Testing.