Wellness, Fitness, and Sports offers several programs to prepare students for careers in exercise science or sports management.

The exercise science program prepares graduates to examine the relationship between exercise and human performance. Personalized training programs are developed to improve or maintain an individual’s health by conducting fitness assessments, demonstrating exercises and evaluating one’s progress.

Career options

Athletic training, personal trainers, exercise physiology, physical and sport education

The sports management program prepares graduates to learn the business attributes of sports and recreation. The field combines aspects of business, marketing, and accounting with an interest in health, fitness, and sports. Sport managers work with professional teams, sports associations, marketing firms, sport facilities, and colleges and universities.

Career Options

Athletic administration, University recreation, health and fitness industry, college and professional sports, athletic marketing

Programs of Study

For more information, contact:

Petita Rentz, MS, CES
Interim Program Coordinator
Wellness, Fitness, and Sports