Our alternative learning formats make college more accessible to those who have busy schedules. If your work schedule, family obligations, or transportation arrangements make it difficult to attend regularly scheduled classes, try one or several of the distance learning formats we have available.

Types of Web-Based Courses

Online courses are designed to bring campus-based classes to students' computers.  The instructor provides information posted on a course Web site that guides the student through course content, prompts discussions, and helps students keep pace with assignments.  Due dates for assignments, a logical learning pattern, and start/end dates that correspond with a semester create a classroom that is available at a convenient time and place. Students may be required to take proctored exams or on-campus assessments at a testing center.

Web-hybrid (Blended) courses blend on-campus instruction with web-based or other flexible learning options. Students meet on campus according to the published schedule of classes with approximately half of the course instruction and/or activities occurring online or in another of our flexible formats. Web-hybrid courses create flexible learning options while allowing students to regularly meet face-to-face with instructors and other students.

Web-enhanced courses are instructional methods, such as lectures and cooperative education experiences, which use certain myLearning tools, such as e-mail and discussions.  In a web-enhanced course, the class meets just as a traditional class, in a classroom, with an instructor, at the regular scheduled day, time, and location. All face-to-face courses have an online presence, which allows instructors to enhance class activities by posting supplemental materials or posting grades.  Instructors may also use the web-enhanced component to communicate with students throughout the semester or to post announcements during emergency closings.

Getting Started with Online Learning

If you aren't sure if you're ready for online learning or need help with myLearning, we offer a variety of resources to help you get started.


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Online Programs of Study

College of Southern Maryland offers the following accredited online associate degree programs, certificates, and letters of recognition: