Steps to Register for the Service Learning Program

Step 1: Complete the Student Service-Learning Agreement online form.
Step 2: Sign-in to my.CSMD. Note: After you complete this form, you will be automatically redirected to my.CSMD.
Step 3: Choose the class associated with your service-learning.
Step 4: Click "Submit."

Please review the following:

  • I understand that:

    My teacher has assigned my service-learning site
    I am required to find my own service-learning site (I will receive step-by-step instructions within my class)

  • I understand the time commitment that will be required to complete service-learning within my course

  • I understand how I will be graded for my service-learning

  • I understand the protocol if I cannot be present on the agreed upon service date

  • I understand how my course objectives and assignment relates to the service I will be providing

  • I have read and understand the Service-Learning Liability Form
    *If under 18 only, I understand I must print the Service-Learning Under 18 Liability Form and submit a paper copy to my professor with a parent/guardians signature

  • I have read and understand the CSM Photography Release Form


By submitting this form, you are confirming that you have read and agree to the items above:


You will now be re-directed to the login page for my.CSMD. Please login to your account and choose the course(s) associated with service-learning you are completing. That will finalize the service-learning agreement process.