Honors Program

CSM’s Honors Program is an enriched curriculum and learning environment for high-achieving, college-bound students like you, where you can continue to develop your abilities as you broaden your horizons.  

With an emphasis on diversity, critical thought, global perspectives, and servant leadership, the honors curriculum empowers students to become citizen-scholars. This generation of leaders will possess both the academic knowledge and the intellectual formation to ask insightful questions, make connections, and apply abstract ideas to solving real-world problems. 


Program participants will progress through the Honors curriculum in cohorts, consisting of 20 first-year Honors students.  

In addition to enhanced foundational Honors courses in English, science, and philosophy, you’ll take part in a three-part series of one-credit Honors Seminars. These seminars provide enriched instruction in leadership, project management, service, transfer readiness, and professional skills, as well as a capstone project in partnership with the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society.   

Because your Honors courses replace other required courses, joining the Honors Program won’t add additional credit requirements to stand between you and completing your degree. Just as importantly, it won’t raise the cost of your education, either—a scholarship from the CSM Foundation covers tuition, fees, books, and other course expenses for the three-credit Honors Seminar series.  

When you graduate, you’ll receive an Honors graduation cord, a special mention in the graduate brochure, a “Scholar” distinction on your diploma, and a Scholar Letter of Recognition. 


To be eligible for the Honors Program, you must:  

  1. graduate in the top fifteen percent of your high school class; or  
  1. earn an SAT score of 1100 or higher for Critical Reading and Mathematics or the equivalent ACT score. 

To be considered for the program, submit your Honors Program Application by April 30 (you will need to apply to CSM if you haven’t done so already).

You will need to submit the following documents by April 30 to complete your application: 

  • High school transcript; 
  • SAT/ACT score report (if applicable); 
  • Essay on the topic of what you hope to gain or achieve by joining the CSM Honors Program; and 
  • Letters of Recommendation from teachers or guidance counselor. 

Notification of acceptance will be sent by May 15. 

For more information, please contact Richard Bilsker, Honors Program Chair. 

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