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James B. McNicholas III
M.Sc. (Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigation; Software Engineering), M.B.A.

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for Cybersecurity and Computer Science
Business and Technology Division

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301-539-4760 or
1-800-933-9177, ext. 4760

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Cybercenter Career Transition Team

We are pleased to introduce our career transition team to you. As a student in our Cybersecurity program, you qualify for FREE career planning and job placement assistance. Our Cybersecurity/IT program will empower you with sufficient knowledge and preparation for entry-level cybersecurity positions and/or the ability to transfer to a four-year institution to obtain your bachelor's degree.

This team has been assembled to help you reach your goal of successful employment in the Cybersecurity/IT field. Below are 3 simple steps to put our team to work for YOU as long as you are in our program!

Step 1

Call and meet YOUR Cybersecurity Academic & Career Advisor.  Your advisor will help you understand degree requirements, select semester classes, and set goals for transferring to a four year institution.

Cybersecurity Academic & Career Advisor

Step 2

Contact YOUR Cybersecurity Program Assistant. Your program assistant will answer your questions while maintaining database updates. You will be provided a mandatory intake form to complete to begin the process. 

Sarah Kauffman
Cybersecurity Program Assistant


Step 3

Call and meet with YOUR Employer Outreach & Development Specialist. You will receive resume writing/editing and interview assistance while planning and searching for career placement.

Rochelle Edwards
Employer Outreach & Development Specialist