AUT-5200 Basic Motorcycle Mechanics

The complexity of motorcycles, as with all motorized vehicles, has increased dramatically in recent years. In the past, many motorcycle mechanics have been self-trained, but recent technological advances have created the need for formally trained motorcycle technicians. This course will serve as a first step in obtaining that formal training. It will also provide the information that a motorcycle owner needs to properly maintain his/her own machinery. Job opportunities in the motorcycle industry, measurement systems, internal combustion engine theory, and riding safety will be discussed. The basic, "pre-flight" checks that should be performed will be demonstrated and a routine maintenance schedule will be presented. Basic tune-up service will be discussed and the various systems on modern motorcycles will be explained. Textbook required.

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AUT-5220 Advanced Motorcycle Maintenance

This course is designed to build on the skills obtained through the basic motorcycle mechanics course. The student will perform diagnosis, maintenance, and repair. Topics include engine theory and rebuilding, valve adjustments, carburetor repair, and maintenance, fuel systems, brake line and pad replacement, electrical systems diagnostics and repair, exhaust systems, adjustment and replacement of shocks and forks, suspension system, and chain adjustment and replacement. Textbook required.

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