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ITS-7410 Computer Basics for the Office Professional

This is a great foundation-building class! Learn practical applications and computer basics for personal or business use. Build a solid foundation that will enable you to take advantage of the technology that can help with your home and business tasks. Topics include understanding hardware and software components, managing the operating system and menus, and understanding file management. Learn to “surf” the Internet! Take advantage of easy-to-use browsers, search engines, and e-mail. Browse the World Wide Web (WWW) to locate information on topics of interest. Also explore web etiquette and the specifics of e-mail. The course will cover the Windows 7 operating system and be useful for those with older Windows versions. Textbook required.

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OFC-5030 Keyboarding

Keyboarding is a required skill for many careers.  This course will teach beginners how to type correctly while developing their typing speed.  Topics covered include alphabetic keys, punctuation, numbers, and symbols.  Using a step by step approach, you will quickly build your skills and confidence while developing a strong foundation in proper keyboarding techniques.  Timed drills provide reinforcement to improve speed and accuracy.

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