Wedding coordinator helping a bride

Get started as a wedding coordinator by completing all four courses in a semester or less, attending classes part time at CSM. Each subject focuses on a specific topic dedicated to help you master a set of competencies in the wedding coordinator field.

  • HSP 6030 Introduction to Wedding Planning
  • HSP 6040 Wedding Coordinator  
  • HSP 6050 Creative Wedding Envisioning
  • HSP 6060 The Wedding Day

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"The profession of wedding planning is an exciting opportunity to make a bride and groom's lifelong dream come true! While at time it can be a demanding and stressful career, its rewards far outweigh the woes. Every day as a wedding coordinator is a chance to be the creative genius, making all the magic of weddings happen right before their very eyes!" - Jessica A. Yates, Accredited Bridal Consultant (ABC) and Certified Wedding Professional (CWP)

HSP-6030 Introduction to Wedding Planning

For all the aspiring wedding planners, come take an inside look into the world of wedding planning. Your first steps include understanding the steps involved in starting a wedding planning business, legal organization, developing office policies, developing your business brand, marketing strategies and learning how to connect to the industry. Enroll in this one-day session and learn what you need to do to get started. Half hour lunch will be taken - please pack a lunch.

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HSP-6040 Wedding Coordinator

This is a continuation of Introduction to Wedding Planning, but with a more in-depth look into the wedding planning business. Practice techniques for conducting an initial bridal consultation, create a checklist/plan for the wedding day, build an event team, prepare service agreements, and set your fees. Topics will also include, team building, industry language and product offerings. Half hour lunch break will be taken. Please pack a bag lunch.

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HSP-6050 Creative Wedding Envisioning

Enroll and engage your creative side in designing your event and enhancing your clients' vision. Develop a realistic wedding budget, select the right venue for your bride's event, coordinate food and beverage needs, advise on attire for the entire bridal party, and floral and decor design elements. A 30-min.lunch break will be taken. Please bring a bag lunch.

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HSP-6060 The Wedding Day

The big day has arrived to effectively coordinate and execute the wedding day plan. Learn how to develop an accurate production schedule, build the event based on a mock wedding scenario, assess needs for religious ceremonies, work with other wedding professionals, meet the wedding guests, execute wedding day plan, and be prepared for the day's challenges. A 30 min. lunch break will be taken. Please bring a bag lunch.

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