Truck Driver with his truck

Trucks are on the road 24 hours a day, every day of the year, carrying everything our nation needs. Everything you eat, wear, or use has been transported by a truck driver.

The truck driver is the all-important link that keeps our country's economy on the move. Good drivers are always in demand. Companies are looking for drivers with positive attitudes, knowledge of safety, a history of dependability, and a clean driving record. The prospects for a worthwhile and exciting career in professional truck driving have never been better.

The program at College of Southern Maryland is designed to provide skilled entry-level drivers for the transportation companies locally and nationwide.

These classes are located at the College of Southern Maryland’s Center for Transportation Training. This training range is located at 5825 Radio Station Road in La Plata, Maryland.

For more information, see information packet below or call 301-934-7870 or e-mail

CSM also offers classes for Driver Education and Motorcycle Safety.