Request for Certificate of Completion

If you have completed all of the required courses in a Workforce Training Certificate Program and would like to receive a certificate, please complete the Application for a Workforce Training Certificate by clicking the link below.

Request Certificate of Completion
  • If you are looking for a non-credit transcript (CEU Record), please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Schedule Changes/Withdrawal

To add or drop a class, you must make the change through my.CSMD or by submitting a Change of Schedule form at any of our campus locations.

Adding into Closed Classes

Occasionally, seats will become available in a class that has been closed. You can monitor seat openings through my.CSMD. If a seat become available, you can add the class online or in person at one of our campus locations. Payment is required at the time of the registration.


Sometimes books for continuing education classes are not available in the College Store until three days prior to the start of class. It is recommended that you contact the College Store to be sure that your book is available before attempting to purchase your book in person. The College Store an be reached at 301-934-7570. Most textbooks can be purchased online. Textbooks for Ed2Go classes are usually not available at the college store and should be purchased on Amazon or other book retailer. Detailed information for Ed2Go textbooks if required are on the requirements page for the course.

Under 16?

All courses are intended for persons over the age of 16, unless specifically stated for youth. If you have any questions, contact the Registrar's Office for information.

Course Cancellations

The college reserves the right to cancel any course due to unforeseen circumstances. However, every attempt will be made to prevent undue hardships on students. Students enrolled in courses cancelled by the college will automatically receive full refund of tuition and fees.

Continuing Education Unit

The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized method for recording participation in a continuing education (credit-free) program that does not carry credit toward a degree but does meet established criteria for increasing knowledge and competencies. One CEU is awarded for each 10 contact hours to those students who complete a minimum of 80 percent of an organized continuing education course.

CEU Award Criteria

Students wishing to earn CEUs must:

  • Demonstrate completion of all course objectives, skills, or assignments listed on the course outline.
  • Attend a minimum of 80% of the course sessions (more stringent criteria may be applied to the definition of successful completion of any or all of the courses at the discretion of CSM or its clients). Attendance will be taken for every class as part of the college's recordkeeping system and to meet the criteria for awarding CEUs.

CEU Record

Continuing education students can acquire a continuing education record that will list the continuing education units completed, beginning with the 2004 spring semester. Students may obtain a continuing education record one of several ways:

  1. Students may visit a CSM campus and request their record. Students may wait and pick up their record at the Express Counter in the Administration (AD) Building at the La Plata Campus, the Lobby of Building C at the Leonardtown Campus, or the John E. Harms Academic Center (Building A), Room 101 at the Prince Frederick Campus during normal business hours.
  2. Students may also request their record by mail or fax. Please send a request to the Registrar's Office and include the following (or fill out the continuing education record request form):
    • Name (and any former names used)
    • Current mailing address
    • A contact phone number in case of questions
    • Social security number and Student ID number (if known)
    • Last semester attended
    • Number of transcripts requested
    • The address(es) to send the record(s)
    • Your signature