Personal Enrichment

Enrich Your Life

With Non-Credit Personal Enrichment Offerings

Find a new skill or hobby, or polish old ones with CSM’s interest-based classes, workshops, and activities.

Animal Interests

Woman training a dog

Learn to care for chickens in your backyard and reap the benefits of fresh eggs at home.

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Arts and Crafts

Artist paints using watercolors

From scrapbooking to watercolor painting, hone your artistic skills with these classes.

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Beautiful woman applies makeup

Make-up can be tricky, but unlock the secrets of shading your cheeks and applying your lashes just right.

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Beer and Wine Appreciation

Fancy glass of wine with cheese

Don’t be intimidated by talk of hops and alicante bouchet. Learn the terms, tastes, and classifications of adult beverages.

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Man at computer

Learn the basics of computer usage in classes specially designed for novices.

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Sauteing a pasta dish

This is more than baking. With classes on making exotic desserts, cake decorating, and the preparation of healthy meals, you’ll go from kitchen novice to kitchen pro.

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Drones/Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Instructor shows parts of a drone

Our Introduction to Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) course instructs both hobbyists and professionals on how to fly drones safely and legally, prepare for the FAA certification test, and access new opportunities.

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Driver Education

Young man driving car with his instructor

With comprehensive classes on safety and on-the-road driving instruction and practice, get confidence and training for the driver’s license exam.

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History / Current Events

Historical documents on a table

Would you like to learn more about your family history but don't know where to start? Ever wonder about the history of Calvert County? Discover what CSM has to offer and sign up for a history course today.

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Home and Garden

Woman teaches student to use a sewing machine

Sometimes it helps to get a refresher on the skills it takes to run a household. Learn sewing, knitting, and even organization.

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Kids' and Teen College

Child with camera

From classes in art and theatre, to video games and sports, to science, history, and more, your child will explore new knowledge and skills through half-day courses they get to design for themselves.

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Languages and Literature

French flag flying

Learning a new language keeps your brain active at any age. From conversational French to English as a second language, these classes will bring the world to your door.

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Life Skills

A couple works on their personal finances

With classes on subjects like speed reading, personal finance, and doing voiceovers, you can increase your skills and make yourself more marketable to employers.

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Motorcycle Safety

Man drives a motorcycle on a training course

Learn to safely navigate the roads on a motorcycle and qualify for a motorcyclist’s license.

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Music, Theater, and Dance

Couple practicing ballroom dancing

It’s never too late to learn a new artistic skill. You can learn ballroom dancing or how to play the music others dance to.

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Natural Health and Healing

Collection of herbs and oils

Supplement your health care and help others with these healing classes.

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Personal Finance

Couple works on their finances together

Learn to be better at saving and making the most of your money.

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Recreational Activities and Hobbies

Man taking a picture with a fancy camera

Make your vacation photos match the quality of your memories with a travel photography class.

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Student Success

Young woman studies her textbook

Get a leg up on what it takes to be a successful student. With preparation classes for the ACT and SAT, as well as classes on study techniques, ensure your success in these programs.

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Parthenon temple in Greece

Let us help you make the most of your vacations and trips with courses on planning and preparedness.

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Wellness, Fitness, and Aquatics

Fitness Center

Stay in shape at CSM. From our excellent facilities and equipment, to our fitness, nutrition, and wellness classes, there is always a way to get your blood pumping at CSM.

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Writers' World

Person writing a book

Whether you’re looking to write a novel, learn to journal or improve you grammar, we have the classes for you.

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