Lifeguard Certification course

Receive lifeguard training, operations certification, and water safety instruction with our certification courses.

WFA-8850 Lifeguard Training

American Red Cross Lifeguarding is ideal for those wishing to work at community pools. You'll learn professionalism, patron and facility surveillance, distressed swimmer recognition, equipment-based rescues, and more. Through videos, group discussion and hands-on practice, you'll learn land and water rescue skills, First Aid and CPR for the professional rescuer, how to recognize and care for possible head, neck or back injuries and the value of behaving in a professional manner.  Students are responsible for purchasing and bringing a CPR mask to each class.  It can be purchased online at the American Red Cross Online Store -

Prerequisite: Must be age 15 years of age on or before last day of class; All students must pass a swim test as set by the American Red Cross.

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WFA-8880 Lifeguard Review

Renew your Lifeguard, First Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer certifications! All students must possess current American Red Cross certificates in Lifeguard and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer.

Prerequisite: Must be age 15 years of age on or before last day of class; must swim continuously for 100 yards of front crawl with rhythmic breathing and propellant kick, 100 yards of the breaststroke using pull-kick-glide sequence, 100 yards of either front crawl or breaststroke in any combination; swim 20 yards of front crawl or breaststroke; and surface dive seven to ten feet, retrieve a ten-pound object, return to starting point holding the object in both hands (face remains above water), and exit the water without using ladder or steps, all within one minute, 40 seconds.

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WFA-8860 Water Safety Instructor

The purpose of this course is to train instructor candidates to teach American Red Cross swimming and water safety courses.  The course covers the following topics: using information from the American Red Cross instructor candidate training courses; planning and organizing courses, including the use of block plans and lesson plans; ensuring participants' health and safety; providing information and skill-development sessions necessary to conduct and teach swimming and water safety courses; conducting practice teaching; evaluating participant's performance; and explaining Red Cross national and field unit operational policies and procedures related to swimming and water safety courses.

Prerequisite: Mustbe at least 17 years of age and successfully pass the pre-course written test and skills test.

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WFA-5800 Pool/Spa Operations

This course is designed for operators of public and private swimming pools and spas to meet the requirements of the health department for pool operators. Textbook required. Participants in this course must complete a short health questionnaire and a Statement of Informed Consent prior to the start of class.

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WFA-8450 Basic Scuba Diving

This course will consist of classroom and confined water learning to prepare student for Open Water Scuba Certification. During the classroom portion students will learn the principles of diving physics and physiology in addition to equipment maintenance and safe diving practices. In the confined water (pool) portion the student will learn and practice safe diving skills and emergency procedures.

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