NonCredit Offerings

Wellness, Fitness, and Aquatics FAQs

1. Do your facilities offer babysitting services?
The CSM Wellness and Aquatics facilities do not have the resources available to provide child-care services at this time.

2. Are the Fitness Center Services (i.e., personal training, body compositions, and full fitness assessments) included in my membership?
Fitness Center Services are offered at an additional charge, however on occasion there are monthly wellness drawings and you may have the opportunity to win these services for free.

3. Is there an age limit to use the fitness center and pool, and to attend group fitness classes?
Members under the age of 16 must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian when using the facility. Members under the age of 12 are permitted to use the Pool only (La Plata and Leonardtown campuses) and must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian.

4. How old does my child need to be to use the pool?
Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult family member at all times while using the pool. If a child between the ages of 12-16 cannot pass the swim test, an adult must stay on the pool deck. Children under 12 who cannot pass the swim test must have an adult in the water with them.
The swim test consists of treading water for 30 seconds and then swimming 25 yards without stopping or struggling.
Children age 2 and under may use the pool free of charge. They must be accompanied by an adult in the water.

5. Does the facility offer towel service?
The facility is not equipped with a washer/dryer and does not offer towel service at this time. We recommend you bring one with you for your personal use.

6. As a Student or Member, what identification is required to access the facility?
A valid CSM ID card is required to enter the Fitness Center and/or Pool. You may obtain your CSM ID card from the library at the La Plata, Prince Frederick, or Leonardtown campuses.

7. Are memberships exclusive to each campus?
Some memberships are exclusive to the campus for which they are purchased. Please see course description for details. CSM credit and continuing education students taking 45 or more contact hours may use the fitness center on any campus and pool (Leonardtown and La Plata campuses) at no charge. A valid CSM ID is needed to access the facilities.

8. Can I bring my baby into the pool?
Yes, we recommend consulting with your pediatrician before bringing infants under 6 months old into the pool. If your child is not trained to use a toilet, a swim diaper must be worn underneath your child’s bathing suit. Be aware that swim diapers are not a replacement for frequent diaper changing. The CDC recommends that you change your child often and make frequent trips to the toilet (every 30–60 minutes) while swimming.

9. Who can use the therapy pool?
The Therapy Pool is located on the Leonardtown Campus only. The Therapy Pool will be available for use during times listed on the pool schedule. When Therapy Pool classes are in session, only the benched seating area of the pool will be available for use.
While the Therapy Pool is open to all patrons, please be respectful to all swimmers.

10. Is there a lifeguard on duty?
A certified lifeguard will provide patron surveillance at all times during open pool hours and classes. All CSM lifeguards are certified in Lifeguarding, First Aid and CPR/AED for the professional rescuer.

11. How is the water chemistry maintained?
A Certified Pool Operator (CPO) will be on site during all pool operating hours to maintain water chemistry in accordance with all Federal, State and Local health department regulations.

12. What are the pool temperatures?
La Plata Campus competition pool - approximately 84 degrees
Leonardtown Campus competition pool - approximately 82 degrees
Leonardtown Campus Therapy pool - approximately 88 degrees

13. Why are there limited hours for Open Swim and Lap Swim?
Open and lap swim hours may be limited due to classes and swim team practices which vary each semester. Click here for updated open and lap swim times.

14. Does the facility have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)?
Yes, In compliance with safety regulations, the facility is equipped with an AED. In addition, all lifeguards and fitness center staff are certified to provide CPR and use an AED.

15. Do you have a guest policy?
No. There is no guest policy at this time. There are several options to utilize the facilities. Memberships may be purchased and punch passes are offered for visits to the pool and fitness center. Classes are not included on the punch pass.

16. Are there discounts available?
The Plus Fifty Encore (PFE) Membership allows participants ages 50 and older access to the Fitness Center and Pool at a reduced rate. PFE Membership does not include group exercise classes, and is valid only at the campus for which it is purchased (LaPlata and Leonardtown only).

If you are a Maryland resident, 60 years of age or older or retired and disabled as defined by the Social Security or Railroad retirement Act, tuition is waived for most courses if the course has sufficient enrollment to be conducted. However, you are responsible for all other related costs. A discount also applies to Veterans. A military ID or DE214 must be presented at time of registration.

17. What is your policy for pool closing related to severe weather?
Swimming is prohibited during severe weather (electrical/lightning storms, tornadoes, hurricanes). The National Lightning Safety Institute and Red Cross advise swimmers to wait 30 minutes after the last lightning strike before returning to the pool, and advise patrons not to take showers during that period.

18. Can I bring pool toys or floaties?
Only Coastguard Approved personal flotation devices are allowed in the pool. No other flotation devices are permitted in the pool (e.g. life rafts, water wings, inner tubes). CSM lifejackets are for instruction only.
Patrons may bring diving toys or soft throw balls to the pool. Only soft toys are allowed to be thrown. These toys should not interfere with CSM classes or other patrons. CSM toys are for swim lesson instruction and camps only.

19. Is there anything I need to know before using the pool?
All participants must shower before entering the pool.

20. Who would I contact for information about memberships and classes?
For more information contact the non-credit information line at 301-539-4760 or email