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Whether you’re a student looking to get your blood flowing before a big test, or you’re a local resident wanting to exercise among friends, CSM has options for you.

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Due to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) precautions, all CSM fitness centers and pools are currently closed until further notice. We can't wait to see you again in person. Until we are able to resume activities on campus, please be sure to check out our virtual offerings.

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Why wait until January and the new year to take control of your health and well-being. The summer weather brings locally harvested colorful fruits and vegetables. Join a Certified Personal Trainer to learn about the fundamentals of healthy food and nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. Topics will include information on buying and preparing seasonal nutritious foods, incorporating simple exercise into one's daily routine, and setting goals for improving and maintaining wellness. You will plan and create your own menu with a balance of specific, healthful food groupings and design an exercise plan that fits your specific needs.

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You have a body and gravity is everywhere, so let's exercise! No gym is required! Practice and learn fun exercises that can be done anywhere! All components of fitness will be challenged, but modifications will be practiced and demonstrated. This workout is for everybody! You will find there really is no excuse for not working out!

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Do you have exercise equipment at home and you're not sure how to use it? Perhaps you are familiar with some exercises and are in search of new workouts using your own home equipment. This course will introduce a variety of exercises using an assortment of equipment including bands, tubing, dumbbells, kettlebells, foam rollers, suspension trainers, medicine balls, stability balls, and much more. With the guidance of a Certified Personal Trainer you will design your own workout plans throughout the course. Workouts will be performed virtually during each class session with tips on proper form and exercise execution. Get the expert feedback you need to start or maintain your exercise regimen.

This course is taught virtually via Zoom. Students are responsible for their own equipment. A protected link will be sent to the student upon registration.

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Boredom and time constraints are frequently cited reasons for not exercising. Sound familiar? Circuit training offers a practical solution for both. It's a creative and flexible way to keep exercise interesting and saves time while boosting both cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Each 30-minute session will focus on performing 5-10 exercises, for a set period of time, with a short resting period between each exercise. Whether you're a seasoned exercise enthusiast or just getting started, circuit training is a great way to challenge your body while boosting the fun-factor. This exercise class is optimal for those who are time-crunched and looking to get in a quick high-energy workout!

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Are you in search of a way to release tense and tight muscles? Flexibility is a major fitness component that is often absent from most fitness programs. As we age, we lose our flexibility and the only way to prevent our muscles from stiffening is to actively and regularly stretch and employ a stretching routine that keeps our bodies at an ideal level of flexibility. Stretching regularly will greatly enhance overall fitness by improving both physical and mental health, and also reducing the risk of injury. More specifically the endless benefits include improved posture and mobility, enhanced muscular coordination, increased blood circulation, enhanced sports performance, increased range of motion, and higher energy levels. This is a great class to pair with our 30-minute Strength and Cardio Circuit! It will serve as a guide to lead you through structured, full body, stretching routines that will surely make you muscles feel great!

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Have you noticed that you don't have the energy or strength that you used to? According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), adults lose a half of a pound of lean muscle tissue each decade after the age 25; this progressive muscle loss is advanced by inactivity and yo-yo dieting, resulting in decreased energy, metabolism, and strength. Using functional conditioning and a combination of muscular and cardiovascular training, a certified fitness professional will motivate and challenge you with exercises to suit your experience and fitness level.

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This Intro to Fitness course is designed to encourage self-esteem and body-awareness through non-competitive and competitive physical activity. This class will foster cooperation and compassion in children while enhancing flexibility, strength, and coordination. Through practice, exercise, and play, this class will help students improve focus, concentration, and develop a sense of teamwork. Activities covered will include: yoga, age-appropriate games, drills, and exercises incorporating running, skipping, jumping, hula hoops, and ball work. Educational topics that will be covered will be healthy eating habits, nutritious snacks, and getting enough sleep. Kids will burn off a lot of energy without realizing it because they will be having so much fun.

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Boost your competitive edge and reduce the risk of injury! Developed by Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method, MELT Performance brings you highly specialized techniques that are grounded in science. Using a soft Performance roller and a Performance Band, MELT Performance improves athletic performance and increases range of motion, core strength, and joint stability. MELT Performance is the competitive edge you've been looking for. This game-changing methodology will transform your body from the inside out! MELT Performance is ideal for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone looking to achieve peak performance and help prevent chronic pain and injuries for good.

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Join the power of Pilates and learn why so many swear by this total body toning system. Regardless of your current level of fitness, the Pilates method will serve to both condition your body and prevent injury. With the use of mat work, you will look to your body to create resistance - an amazing way to connect with and strengthen your core. This class challenges your stamina, flexibility, and strength, as you flow through the exercises and deepen your body awareness with each movement.

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Proper and progressive strength training is the safest way for women to build a stronger, leaner, healthy body. Let a certified trainer guide you! Every class will be informative. You will learn exercises you can do in the gym or at home that are safe and effective in achieving your fitness goals. You will learn how to use dumbbells, free standing equipment, cable machines, and body weight exercises to help sculpt your body, maintain bone density, increase strength, metabolism, and confidence, and improve general health. Proper body alignment, the principles of fitness, and the benefits of resistance training will be discussed and experienced.

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Advancing age and inactivity result in reduced balance, flexibility, and physical endurance, due to the loss of lean muscle tissue. Scientific research proves that progressive resistance training can safely and effectively reverse this trend for all populations. Under the guidance and supervision of a certified fitness professional, you will utilize strength and balance equipment to train your body in dynamic functional movements, increasing physical capacity, and decreasing age-related risk factors. This course is perfect for senior participants!

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Variety is the name of the game in this strength training class! A certified fitness professional will lead participants to motivating music while sculpting and strengthening your total body. Increase muscle strength using the latest fitness equipment and techniques. This class is designed to assist participants reaching their personal training goals. Total Body Power Pump is the perfect complement to a cardiovascular workout!

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Dance your way into fitness with this Latin-inspired dance-style class which combines high energy moves and dance combinations. You will be guided through a series of dance steps such as salsa, meringue, and reggae while incorporating exercises such as squats, knee lifts, and bicep curls. You'll have so much fun doing Zumba you won't even realize you're working out!

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Food interacts with the human body on multiple levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - as well as the impact globally. Yet many of us don't know what to eat for a healthy diet. Invest in yourself and the environment in this class and examine the consequences your food choices have on your health and the health of the planet. Learn from an expert in fitness and nutrition on how to become aware of the impact of stress on the body, the health crisis in the U.S., and strategies for changing eating habits for more healthful outcomes including swapping out processed sugars, reading food labels, and many other healthy habits for your wellness and nutrition goals.

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Join us for an introduction to Guided Meditation and Chakra Balancing. Discover what meditation is, learn how it helps both mental and physical well- being, and develop the skill so you can practice at home. Meditation reduces anxiety, builds self-confidence, increases serotonin levels, enhances energy, reduces stress and tension, and creates a state of deep relaxation and general feeling of wellbeing while you increase concentration and strengthen your mind. We will also touch on what and where your chakras are and how to determine if energy is flowing freely throughout your body. Bring a mat, pillow, or cushion, and prepare for wonderful experience!

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Yoga is a holistic modality for the mind, body, and spirit. Allow your certified instructor to act as your guide, introducing you to basic yoga postures, relaxation techniques, and deep breathing practices. These soothing benefits are achieved through reduced blood pressure, improved flexibility, and increased muscle tone.

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Take time for yourself and learn how to incorporate proper body alignment into your normal daily activities. Sustaining good posture is a big part of your overall health. This keeps all body parts in their rightful positions with minimal stress, allowing the body to work more efficiently. Proper postural alignment helps to prevent joint pain, headaches, poor circulation, impaired lung function, poor digestion, and constricted nerves. You will learn to think differently about how you sit, push the grocery cart, put on socks, clean the house, and much more. At the end of the course, you will have a list of daily exercise that will assist you in improving and maintaining proper postural alignment.

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With seemingly excessive amounts of time on our hands, this is an excellent opportunity to improve your existing health behaviors, or work on new ones! Although overall wellness does involve the more familiar areas of healthy living: exercise and healthful eating, it extends beyond these. Total wellness is achieved with genuine rest, real human connection, sincere emotional expression, living with purpose, and using your life as an expression of these things. This course will cover an introduction to the physical, emotional, mental, social, and existential dimensions of wellness. Information, motivational tips, and hands-on activities will help to guide you along a path towards syncing all these dimensions and developing your "whole" self. A variety of strength and stress relief exercises will be introduced and performed during each class session with the guidance of a certified personal trainer. Leave with a personalized program designed specifically for you.

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The Pathway to Purpose Small Group Purpose Coaching Program uses a six-pronged approach to help you identify your gifts and talents and then to take active steps to live the life that is aligned with your true purpose. The program is based on a concept of Six Prongs of Shifting Into PurposeT. Each week you will be given an assignment based on one of the prongs to complete during the week. Your work on these assignments will ultimately become your written purpose plan. As part of a small group, you will have an opportunity to learn from your peers and share your experiences in a safe, nonjudgmental, noncompetitive space. Join us for purpose coaching and identify your unique gifts and talents, define your audience, utilize and protect your emotional energy, and align your life with your life's purpose!

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Prepare to use Reiki energy and learn how to apply it to others. Discover the keys to using and passing on this healing system. Information and the uses on the three second degree symbols will be discussed and practiced in class, along with hand positions, scanning the body, chakra balancing, and a guided meditation. Reiki Level II attunement will be given to each individual. Wear comfortable clothes and please bring lunch as this is a full day course.

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Have you been on a diet and exercise program, succeeded for a while, then tripped, got discouraged and quit altogether? Well then let's look at a different approach to a healthy life and consider it from a wellness perspective. We will focus on nutrition, emotional eating, stress, exercising and spirituality, and explore the choices you make in those areas. You will look at your habits, design a plan to make healthy choices, and learn about mind-body techniques. Remember this is not about will power, but rather trusting your inner wisdom and loving yourself.

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Is your pool water really safe? Just because it looks clean doesn't mean it is safe. Learn basic pool water chemistry or home pools. Learn how to test your water and make adjustments to sanitize your pool.

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This course is designed for operators of public and private swimming pools and spas to meet the requirements of the health department for pool operators. Participants in this course must complete a short health questionnaire and a Statement of Informed Consent prior to the start of class.

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