Bookkeeping and Financial Management


Develop your skills in bookkeeping or acquire financial management skills that will lead to financial success professionally and personally.

Bookkeeping is a branch of accounting responsible for recording the financial transactions and activities of a business. Bookkeepers record these transactions in the book of accounts, maintain supporting summaries and documentation, and produce reports as required. Bookkeepers need to have good planning and organization skills with a strong attention to detail in order to maintain expenditures, payroll, income and tax requirements for a business.

To complete the Bookkeeper workforce training certificate, you must complete:

  • BUS-9880 Introduction to Bookkeeping Principles
  • BUS-9890 Introduction to Payroll Administration
  • BUS-9810 QuickBooks for Bookkeepers
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This course offers students a beginner's guide to bookkeeping principles needed for business while also providing an increased competency in business mathematics. Emphasis is placed on learning mathematical concepts through practical application to common daily business problems. Topics covered will include assets, liabilities and owner's equity, journal entry, bank reconciliation, special purpose journals and ledgers, preparation of trial balances and financial reports, and calculating interest rates, percentages, and formulas as it pertains to business operations. Textbook required.

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This course covers the fundamentals of payroll administration. Learn the proper methods for managing and retaining employee earnings records. Emphasis is placed on understanding the connection between payroll laws and the specific payroll-related tasks associated with them. Course discussions and activities will promote skill development and reinforce key concepts while providing students with real-world practical application of payroll accounting. Textbook required.

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This hands-on course is for entry level bookkeepers who want to learn the most popular small business accounting software. QuickBooks will enable you to set-up an accounting system, pay bills, produce invoices, keep track of payments received as well as supporting financial information for creating budgets, time tracking, revenue and expense tracking. USB flash drive and textbook required.

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