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career infoAre you interested in a career in the construction/skilled trades as an apprentice?

This Pre-Apprenticeship Workforce Training Certificate is designed to provide you with the foundation to build your skilled trades career no matter what specific trade you choose. Some local/regional employers have agreed to give students completing this program a hiring preference.

Note: Pre-apprenticeship courses may be taken simultaneously.

To complete the Pre-Apprenticeship Workforce Training Certificate, you must complete the following courses:

  • TEC-9300 Construction Trades Core Skills
  • OSH-8800 OSHA-10
  • OSH-9180 ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) Flagger
  • OSH-9130 National Safety Council First Aid, CPR, AED
  • OSH-8830 Excavation Safety
  • PAT-9810 Confined Space Entry
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Imagine the pride of looking at a finished building and knowing that you helped build it. The construction trades can be a rewarding, fulfilling career that will continue to be in demand. Whether your goal is to be a carpenter, HVAC technician, electrician, job supervisor, or contractor, there are certain skills that are common to all of the trades. In this course you will explore those skills. The students will discuss basic construction site safety, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), OSHA policies, and the causes of accidents. The use of construction math will be reviewed. Hands-on instruction in the proper and safe use of hand and power tools will be given along with an introduction to construction drawings (blueprints). Basic employability and communication issues will also be discussed, such as critical thinking, problem solving skills, self-presentation, sexual harassment, stress, and substance abuse. Textbook required and can be purchased at

This course must be completed before starting any of the following continuing education certificates.

  • Electrical Helper
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Helper

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Orienting new personnel or serving as a refresher to construction safety and health standards, this course will provide an overview for participants on areas of construction safety and the OSHA guideline 29 CFR - 1926, Safety and Health Regulations for Construction.  Topics discussed will include an introduction to OSHA, with an overview of the OSHA standards including the Focus Four: Fall Hazards; Caught-In or –Between Hazards; Struck-by Hazards; and Electrocution Hazards. Other topics may include:  Toxic and Hazardous Substances; Stairways and Ladders; Scaffolding, Competent Person Requirements; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); Hand and Power Tools; Lockout/Tagout; Signs, Signals and Barricades; Confined Space Entry; and Lift Truck Safety. Textbook included.

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Do you control traffic through a work zone in Maryland? Is it your responsibility to provide safe passage through and around work zones? This certified flagger course is a must for the work zone flagger and will certify you in safe flagging techniques. Topics will include the standard skill set of a good flagger, standard flagger control references, flagging signals and procedures, and standard flagger practices for various situations. ATSSA is a nationally recognized training program taught by a certified ATSSA trainer. Participants successfully completing the training will receive a laminated flagger certification card.

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This National Safety Council First Aid, CPR, and AED course is designed to provide participants with critical skills and knowledge to respond to and manage an emergency situation that can save a life. Course topics include: assessing the scene of an emergency; establishing the condition of a victim; infection control; and the latest guidelines for CPR and emergency cardiac care.  Participants will work with a manikin to practice one-rescuer CPR and rescue breathing; use of an AED; and techniques for managing choking. Participants will also be introduced to first aid basics, including the treatment of medical emergencies and injuries and other techniques that they may need until emergency medical services arrive.  Upon successful completion, participants will receive a National Safety Council First Aid CPR, and AED course completion card, valid for two years. Includes cost of books and materials.

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OSHA states excavation and trenching are among the most hazardous construction operations. They define an excavation as any man-made cut, cavity, trench, or depression in the earth's surface formed by earth removal. Participants will be introduced to the requirements of the OSHA Excavation Standard, 29 CFR 1926 (Subpart P). Subjects covered will be the causes of trench failure, soil classification, trench protection systems, hazardous atmospheres and conditions, inspection techniques, and competent person responsibilities. This course will provide the basic training requirements for competent persons. Additional instruction will be given on: tests used to classify soil types in the field; the different methods of cave-in protection; selecting proper shoring methods using the provided OSHA tables; and the methodology used to minimize these and other hazards.

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Employees who work in confined spaces may face increased risk of exposure to serious hazards. Participants in this course will be introduced to the requirements for permit-required confined spaces for both the OSHA standard and the Maryland-specific requirement as outlined OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910. Topics covered will include: entry permit programs, criteria for permit-required confined spaces, health and safety procedures for workers in confined spaces, hazard identification and equipment requirements, and rescue procedures.Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to determine if an area is a confined space, evaluate hazards associated with confined space entry, including lockout/tagout procedures; develop policies and procedures to address confined space hazards in the workplace; and select suitable confined space entry equipment.

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The College of Southern Maryland has a grant-funded training program that has limited eligibility that funds the Pre-Apprenticeship training.

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