Patient Care Technician

Certified medicine aide

The Patient Care Technician (PCT) program is a series of three highly engaging and interactive courses which prepare Certified Nursing Assistants working in a hospital setting to perform/deliver additional patient care tasks.

Some of these advanced skills are; EKG's, venipuncture, IV, management of urinary catheters, wound/ostomy/splint care and specimen collection. Students will learn the cognitive theory behind the skills and perform the skills in a health care training lab classroom utilizing simulation, mannikins and simulated scenarios.  The final course includes a comprehensive exam review and practice exams.  The courses are delivered in the HYBRID format which includes, in person, remote and asynchronous learning delivery formats.

In order to complete this certificate you need to complete the following courses:

  • HTH-6230, Patient Care Technician Part 1
  • HTH-6240, Patient Care Technician Part 2
  • HTH-6250, Patient Care Technician Part 3

To begin the program petition to enter this program, email Sarah Butler, Program Manager for HTH, at prior to registration.

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This engaging and highly interactive entry-level course will introduce you to the most fundamental and critical skills necessary to be an effective patient care technician.  Through this course, you will learn the importance of the Patient Care Technician role in a clinical  setting and how to effectively work in a team setting.  You will learn to care for patients by performing EKGs, draw blood specimens, manage urinary catheters, administer suctioning, manage feeding tubes, and other selected medical tests and procedures. You will learn other important skills, such as how to assess patients for common medical issues, how to  communicate with healthcare providers, patients, and family members during sometimes stressful situations.  Textbook required.

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Building on the foundational skills for the patient care technician, this intermediate course focuses on skills necessary to help you develop in your career as a patient care technician.   Through this course, you will learn advanced skills including urinary catheterization, bladder scanning, wound/ostomy/split care, administration of IVs, venipuncture, and specimen  collection and handling.    Additionally, you will learn important skills such as using an  ultrasound device, applying sequential compression devices, antiembolism stockings, and assessment and documentation of edema.  As you learn these important skills, you will learn not only the skills, but the related medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology associated with your patient care. This course will use the same textbook as HTH-6230 (part 1 of this series).

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As the final course in the series, the patient care technician Level 3 course provides you with all the   necessary learning and skills to sit for the national patient care technician certification exam.  This course will review the important elements of the rights of delegation, hospice and end of life care, and coping mechanisms.  You will learn skills that will set you up to be successful in a clinical setting to include leadership and supervisory skills, mentoring essentials, patient/caregiver education, presentation skills, emotional intelligence, stress management, and time management.  Certification study materials, practice exams and one attempt at certification exam included.

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