Statement of Shared Responsibility and Acknowledgement of Unique and Individual Risks

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our entire community is paramount to the College of Southern Maryland (CSM), and the extraordinary circumstances of the current pandemic demand exceptional responses and active participation from every member of our community.

The college has taken and is continuing to take action to minimize the health risks associated with the virus by limiting opportunities for exposure and transmission. We are actively monitoring developments surrounding the pandemic; incorporating emerging guidance from national, state, and local health authorities into our response; and implementing those measures most appropriate to our community’s needs.

Our safety protocols are in permanent evolution and are informed by circumstances, expert advice, and emerging needs. The most up-to-date information is available through the CSMReady public safety portal. These measures include, but are by no means limited to, commonplace and commonsense precautions like: screening and temperature checks; social distancing; the mandatory use of masks or other facial coverings; the use of other PPE; not reporting to class or work if sick; and isolating and quarantining when required.

These steps are a vital part of fighting the pandemic, but ensuring our community’s present and future health is the work of each and every one of us, of many unique individuals united by compassion, by a shared purpose, and by mutual responsibility. All of us must do our part, and by coming to campus, you indicate your understanding of these safety requirements and rules, and you agree to comply with and abide by them.

As all of us are aware, the future trajectory of the pandemic and its effects are difficult to predict or prepare for. While the college is certainly taking all recommended and appropriate action to mitigate the risks of exposure or infection, we cannot and do not suggest that we have eliminated them.

In the interest of complete transparency, CSM wishes to reinforce to students, employees, and visitors that attending, visiting, or working on any CSM campus carries an inherent risk of being exposed to or contracting the coronavirus or COVID-19. By coming onto campus, you indicate your acknowledgement, acceptance, and assumption of these risks.

You likewise signal, by returning to a CSM campus, that you understand the contagious nature of the virus, the potential difficulty of identifying it in others, the possibility of exposure to a person infected with COVID-19, and the risk of subsequently being infected with the disease. You further signal your acceptance and assumption of these risks.

This moment in history is one that few could have anticipated, let alone prepared adequately for. Whatever the future brings, the College of Southern Maryland is committed to providing our community with an education that’s accessible, affordable, and transformative, in an environment that is safe, welcoming, and empowering.

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