La Plata Student Clubs and Organizations

All La Plata Campus students are members of the La Plata Student Association, which supports the projects and programs of all student clubs and organizations catering to students with interests ranging from ethnic education to community service.  You too can join, or lead, any of these organizations.  We offer opportunities to start your own club, voice your opinion, give back to your community, network with peers, gain leadership skills, enjoy social activities, and more.  You determine your college experience, so why not start here for a little enhancement.

Clubs and Organizations

Want to join a club and organization? Download our official CSM App and click "Groups and Clubs".  Search for "College of Southern Maryland" in your favorite app store.

Action for Climate Change Club

  • Advisors: Bonnie Castleberry and George Bedell
  • President: Adrianna Armstrong
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: To promote ideas about environmental sustainability, make low waste living easy, teach students about gardening and composting, and help CSM to become a greener campus

Alpha Omega of Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society of Associate Degree Nursing

  • Advisors: Karen Russell and Lynn Kennedy
  • President: Stephanie Jenkins Whipple
  • Membership: Open to Nursing students who meet membership requirements
  • Purpose: The objective of the OADN Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society shall be to recognize the academic excellence of students in the study of Associate Degree Nursing. The society shall encourage the pursuit of advance degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility. Additionally, the society shall participate in the recruitment of qualified individuals into the profession of nursing

Art Club

  • Advisor: Andrew Wodzianski
  • President: Dylan Parham
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: To create art. To promote and build awareness of the arts in Southern MD. Create time, space, and support for art making in an effort to foster an art making practice

Black Student Union

  • Advisors: Turner Coggins and Suzette Wright
  • President: David Sebulime 
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: To provide for the general welfare of African American students by acting as a liaison between students and college administration. To provide a support network that will enable African American students to achieve in the classroom in spite of financial and emotional obstacles. To provide a mechanism through which students can aid campus efforts to improve race-relations at the College of Southern Maryland. To provide a platform through which students can articulate concerns regarding the campus events and issues. To provide students the mechanism to develop leadership skills 

Cyber Hawks

  • Advisor: Pamela Mitchell
  • President: Chris Ostrander
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: Create and train a cyber security challenge team for competitions, bring in speakers and trainers concerning security topics and skills, promote employment opportunities for upcoming graduates, and promote security awareness amongst students and area community members

Dungeons and Dragons Club

  • Advisor: Andrew Wodzianski
  • President: Nataline Beckley
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: To develop problem solving skills, encourage teamwork and cooperation, foster relationships and socialization, and enhance creativity and improvisation. 

English Club

  • Advisor: John Kulikowski
  • President: Nicholas Ritter
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: To discuss literature and writers of literature critically, seek and provide constructive criticism on written works and write as a collective group

Engineering Club

  • Advisors: Jehnell Linkins and Jehnae Linkins
  • President: Julie Czecha
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: Provide students with a forum for STEM outreach and activities, Provide study groups and tutoring, and invite guest speakers to present to the club

Ghost Hunting Club

  • Advisor: Hannah Cooksey
  • President: Tony Aceto
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose:  To learn about different haunted places in Southern Maryland and conduct investigations to see how ghosts interact with their surroundings

La Plata Student Activities Committee

  • Advisor: Melissa Chambers
  • Contact Person: Katelyn Kluh
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: To plan extra / co-curricular activities for students on the La Plata Campus

La Plata Student Association

  • Advisor: Melissa Chambers
  • Contact Person: Neko Ennis
  • Membership: Election based positions. Must meet minimum requirements.
  • Purpose: To provide opportunity for the co-curricular education and personal development of students on campus

Nursing Student Association

  • Advisor: Robin Young
  • President: Lori Rushworth
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: To organize, represent and mentor students preparing for initial licensure to practice nursing, to convey the standards and ethics of the nursing profession


  • Advisor: Stephanie McCaslin
  • President: Neko Ennis
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: Teach students important events throughout LGBTQIA history, create a safe space for LGBTQIA students, appreciate the LGBTQIA culture, and mentor LGBTQIA students

Student Veterans Organization

  • Advisors: William Moroney and Laurie Cangelosi
  • President: Sandra Husband
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: Promote College spirit among student Veterans, assist with the dissemination of valuable information to Veterans, integrate Veteran students into social and campus activities, and organize projects and events pertaining to Veterans' needs

Robotics Club

  • Advisors: Ronda Jacobs and Jim Cleary
  • President: Julie Czecha
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: Promote study of STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) at CSM, study robotics including robot design and programming, compete at several VEX competitions at the college level in the region and possibly at the world competition, and mentor elementary, middle, and high school robotics teams.

Rugby Club at St. Mary's College

Toujours l'amour Fashion Design Club

  • Advisor: Jacqueline Sellars
  • President: Samaira Harley
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: To create a safe space for students to develop their skills in fashion design and/or learn to create the next fashion statement, and to give students the confidence and freedom to design for themselves or others

Video Game Design & Development Club

  • Advisor: Richard White
  • President: Ethan King
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: To design and program video game, To bring together the graphic designers, writers, artists, and programmers, and to start and show new opportunities to those wishing to go into video game design.