La Plata Student Clubs and Organizations

All La Plata Campus students are members of the La Plata Student Association, which supports the projects and programs of all student clubs and organizations catering to students with interests ranging from ethnic education to community service.  You too can join, or lead, any of these organizations.  We offer opportunities to start your own club, voice your opinion, give back to your community, network with peers, gain leadership skills, enjoy social activities, and more.  You determine your college experience, so why not start here for a little enhancement.

2017-2018 Clubs and Organizations

Art Club

  • Advisor: Katherine Sifers
  • President: Charles Furby 
  • Purpose: To create art. To promote and build awareness of the arts in Southern MD.

Beyond Volunteering

  • Advisor: Timothy Fenner
  • President: Troy Robinson
  • Purpose: To volunteer to help surrounding communities, get students involved, aid in student academics and unite the community. 

Cyber Security Club

  • Advisor: Daphne Powell
  • President: Don Price
  • Purpose: Create and train a cyber security challenge team for competitions, bring in speakers and trainers concerning security topics and skills, promote employment opportunities for upcoming graduates, promote security awareness amongst students and area community members


  • Advisor: Keith Hight
  • President: Morgan Kline
  • Purpose: DELTA PSI was organized as a theatre honor society for the purpose of providing acknowledgement to those demonstrating a high standard of accomplishment in theatre and, through the expansion of ALPHA PSI OMEGA among colleges and universities, providing a wider fellowship for those interested in theatre.

Design & Development

  • Advisor: James McNicholas
  • President: Malik Callaham
  • Purpose: To engage, participate, and work cooperatively as a team, to learn and test the software used for the club and the project itself, to create a playable and finished video game based product and to explore the depths of video game design and implementation. 

Destination Imagination

  • Advisor: Tracey Stuller & Keith Hight
  • President: Rose Walter
  • Purpose: The Destination Imagination program is a fun, hands-on system of learning that fosters students’ creativity, courage and curiosity through open-ended academic Challenges in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fine arts and service learning.

Divine Diversity

  • Advisor: Keith Hight
  • President: Abika Tholly
  • Purpose: Showcasing multicultural dances and learn about different cultures through dance

Educators Rising

  • Advisor: Elizabeth Settle
  • President: Kayla Watkins
  • Purpose: provide students with opportunities to explore teaching as a career option; help students gain a realistic understanding of the nature of education and the role of the teacher; and coordinate information about teaching as a profession, employment opportunities, transfer program options, and educational issues.

Engineering Club

  • Advisor: Shadei Jones
  • President: Dillon Mandley
  • Purpose: Provide students with a forum for STEM outreach and activities, Provide study groups and tutoring, allow students to hear from guest speakers

English Club

  • Advisor: John Kulikowski
  • President: Thomas Donohue
  • Purpose: To discuss literature and writers of literature critically, seek and provide constructive criticism on written works and write as a collective group

Fitness Club

  • Advisor: Tim Fenner
  • President: Jermaine Berrien
  • Purpose: To promote health and wellness, network with like-minded individuals, create a healthier community and teach the importance of dieting

In Focus Club

  • Advisor: Olaniyi Areke
  • President: Marquice Simeon 
  • Purpose: Enhance the digital media experience and portfolio, interact with fellow peers of the same interest and create relationships to further network, and give fellow peers a chance to voice ideas and express themselves creatively in a healthy environment. 

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Club

  • Advisor: Jackie Koerbel
  • President: Austin Reed
  • Purpose:  The Purpose of the Chapter is to establish and advance at College of Southern Maryland witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture and God's purposes in the world.

Kappa Delta Pi

  • Advisor: Elizabeth Settle
  • President: Rebecca Frazier
  • Purpose: The purpose of the Alpha Theta Theta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi shall be to promote excellence in and recognition of outstanding contributions to education.  Kappa Delta Pi shall endeavor to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members, to quicken professional growth, and to honor achievement in educational work.  To these ends, it shall invite to membership persons who exhibit commendable professional qualities, worth educational ideals, and sound scholarship, without regard to race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender or sexual identity, or disability. 

La Plata Student Activities Committee

  • Advisor: Heather Zeolla
  • Contact Person:
  • Membership: Open to all students
  • Purpose: To plan extra / co-curricular activities for students on the La Plata Campus.

La Plata Student Association

  • Advisors: Michelle Ruble & Heather Zeolla
  • Contact Person:
  • Membership: Election based positions. Must meet minimum requirements.
  • Purpose: To provide opportunity for the co-curricular education and personal development of students on campus.

Math Team

  • Advisors: Sandra Poinsett
  • Contact Person: Andrew Sosua
  • Purpose: To participate in the AMATYC's student math league competition

Nursing Student Association

  • Advisor: Janice Bonham
  • President: Melissa Moy
  • Membership: Open to all CSM students
  • Purpose: To organize, represent and mentor students preparing for initial licensure to practice nursing, to convey the standards and ethics of the nursing profession.


  • Advisor: Stephanie McCaslin
  • President: Lee Roy Granston
  • Purpose: Teach students important events throughout LGBTQIA history, create a safe space for LGBTQIA students, appreciate the LGBTQIA culture, mentor LGBTQIA students

Sign Language Club

  • Advisor: Heather Zeolla 
  • President: Caitlin Rowley
  • Purpose: Teach student about the Deaf Culture as well as learn/practice using American Sign Language (ASL)

Talons Club

  • Advisor: Ronda Jacobs
  • President: Edward Gesser  
  • Purpose: Promote study of STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) at CSM, study robotics including robot design and programming, compete at several VEX competitions at the college level in the region and possibly at the world competition, Mentor elementary, middle, and high school robotics teams.

Veterans Organization

  • Advisor: Ed Maroney
  • President: Jeremy Foster
  • Purpose: To promote college spirit, assist with the dissemination of valuable information to veterans and integrating veteran students into social and campus activities.

Women in STEM

  • Advisor: Sandra Poinsett
  • President: Kristina Babinski
  • Purpose: The purpose of this club shall be to provide a space and meeting time for women in STEM majors to come together in a supportive atmosphere, to provide information for upcoming internship, educational, and volunteer opportunities for women pursuing a degree in a STEM major, and to connect women across STEM majors for networking opportunities.