Leonardtown Student Clubs and Organizations

Leonardtown Clubs

Active Clubs and Organizations

Anime Club

  • Advisor: Ann Reagan
  • Membership: Open to all students and community members. Voting membership is outlined in the club's constitution and by-laws.
  • Purpose: To allow anime otaku of a common interest to gather, discuss, and participate in various activities of interest. These activities include watching anime, discussing anime, etc. These activities allow members to gain an in-depth educational look at the Japanese culture, to expand on the student body’s and community’s knowledge of Japanese art and culture, and to provide cultural exchange and educational opportunities.

Budget Board

  • Advisor: Regina Bowman-Goldring,
  • Membership: The President and Treasurer of the SA. Three at-large student representatives appointed by SA President.
  • Purpose: The Budget Board is a resource by providing information and allocation of Student Association funds in a fiscally responsible manner.

Leonardtown Math Team

  • Advisor: Steven Hundert
  • Membership: Open to all students who would like to participate in the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) student math league competition.
  • Purpose: To participate in the AMATYC's student math league competition.

Student Association (SA)

  • Advisors: Regina Bowman-Goldring, and Jennifer Van Cory,
  • Membership: Credit or credit-free students may be elected to the SA Executive Board
  • Purpose: The Student Association(SA) provides the opportunity for co-curricular education and personal development of students and to provide a diverse program of activities and services at the Leonardtown Campus.
  • Visit the Leonardtown Student Association webpage

Student Activities Committee (SAC)

  • Advisors: Jennifer Van Cory,
  • Membership: The Vice President of the SA chairs the SAC. All students are welcomed to join this committee. 
  • Purpose: The SAC is responsible for planning and executing extra/co-curricular activities for students on the Leonardtown campus.