Prince Frederick Student Clubs and Organizations

Prince Frederick Students

The Prince Frederick Office of Student Life supports student organizations for the social, academic, and professional development of our students. Getting involved at CSM – Prince Frederick is a great way to explore your interests, make new friends, test your leadership potential, network, and build your resume. Involvement in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities is an important component in becoming a well-rounded student at any college. Some of our organizations are strictly for entertainment or recreation, while others focus on academic or professional learning and networking.

Campus Clubs and Organizations

Prince Frederick Student Association
Advisors: Ricardo Perez,
Membership: Any credit student on the Prince Frederick Campus / 2.0 GPA requirement
Purpose: The Student Association (SA) will provide opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular education and personal development of students and to provide a diverse program of activities, programs, and services at the Prince Frederick Campus.

Prince Frederick Student Activities Committee (SAC)
Advisor: Ricardo Perez,
Membership: Student Association Vice-President (Chair); Open to all credit Prince Frederick Campus Students
Purpose: The Prince Frederick Campus Student Activities is charged planning, executing, and evaluating co-curricular extra-curricular student events, activities, and programs on the Prince Frederick Campus.

National Honor Societies

The National Society of Leadership and Success
Campus Advisor: Ricardo Perez,
Chapter Advisor: Jennifer Lesesne,
Membership: By special invitation based on GPA and credits completed at CSM.
Purpose: To help people discover and achieve their personal and professional goals through leadership development.

Special Interest Organizations

Educators Rising Club
Advisor: Kathy Alden,
Membership: Students interested in education and/or becoming teachers; Open to all credit Prince Frederick Campus Students

Social Science and Human Services Club
Advisor: Lisa Lynk-Smith,
Membership: Open to all credit Prince Frederick Campus students

Speech & Debate Club
Advisor: Denise Gilmer-Knudson,
Membership: Open to all credit Prince Frederick Campus students
Purpose: The Political Debate Club is a student organization that encourages participation among the student body to create campus programs and services that challenge and stimulate student thinking, and promote an increase in political, economic and social issue awareness while providing opportunities for public speaking, argumentation, analytical thinking and research. Activities include formal debates, open mic. events, Social Justice Day, and an annual inter-campus speech competition.