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The Student Government Association (SGA) represents your voice in the administrative affairs of the college. Each CSM campus has chapters which are advised by the Vice President of Instructional and Support Services. The SGA is funded by the student activity fee and all registered students are members.

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A Message from the Student Association...

The Student Government Association has proposed new changes to the governing document called "Constitution of the College of Southern Maryland Student Government Association." As required in the document Article X - "Constitutional Amendments", amendments to the Constitution of the SGA shall be made at any regular meeting by two-thirds majority vote of all present voting members.  No proposition to amend the Constitution shall be acted upon unless written notice is given to the SGA voting members three weeks prior to the meeting.  A copy of such proposition shall be posted publicly for two weeks prior to the aforementioned meeting and be embodied in the agenda of that meeting.

Please see the document below as proposed changes. Any questions, comments or proposed changes can be sent to Michelle Ruble, Director of Student Life and Athletics at The Student Government Association will review any proposed changes to the document and vote on August 23, 2018. 

SGA Constitution FY19 Revisions