La Plata Campus Student Association

The La Plata Student Association serves by representing student opinion, addressing campus needs through targeted programming and the maintenance of tradition, and providing opportunities for leadership development in order to enrich the quality of student life.  Its dedicated staff and elected officers have the obligation to carry out projects promoting student activity.

Francis Barteles

President Francis Bartels  

Francis Bartels is your 2017-2018 Student Association President. Francis Bartels is majoring in Biology with aspirations of becoming a Physician's Assistant. Francis received his Medical Assisting certificates from Friendly High School, in June of 2016. He is expected to transfer by fall of 2018 to Rutgers University New Jersey Medical School. After completing college, Francis wants To move to California to begin his medical practice and generate the best health care possible.

Genevra Williams

Vice President Genevra Williams

Genevra Williams is your 2017-2018 Student Association Vice President.  At CSM she is studying Social Sciences and planning to major in Psychology. Once she is earns her Associate Degree at CSM, Genevra plans to transfer to Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC to pursue her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. After earning her Bachelor Degree, she plans on pursuing a career in Developmental Psychology. Genevra's favorite hobbies include: reading, writing, and singing. A few things to know about her are: She is a great listener, has a great big heart that's full of love for everyone, and her favorite animals are pandas.

Camille DeJesus

Treasurer Camille De Jesus

Camille De Jesus is your 2016-2017 Student Association Treasurer. This is her second year studying Applied Science and Technology here at the College of Southern Maryland. Prior to becoming a Student Association officer, Camille was the treasurer of the Women in STEM club. After earning her Associates Degree, Camille plans to transfer to University of Maryland, College Park to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. With a Computer Science degree, Camille hopes to one day become a Software Engineer. Camille hopes to gain many experiences throughout college that will help her strive to become a better person each day. One of her goals is to promote and unite more women and minorities in STEM fields. Camille is a great and understanding listener, leader, and friend, so feel free to speak to her about anything!

Suha Ansari

Secretary Suha Ansari

Suha Ansari is the Student Association Secretary for the 2017-2018 school year at the College of Southern Maryland. She plans to transfer to the University of Maryland, College Park at the end of the Spring Semester in 2018. At the college, she is the Vice President for the "Women in STEM" club, and is excited to become more involved around campus with her position as a secretary. Her favorite things to do include shopping, hanging out with friends, reading, and writing. She loves iced coffee, peach tea, music, and frequently wearing hats. A fun fact about Suha is that she is half Egyptian, and went to Egypt for two months in 2006.

Donte Medford

Representative Dante Medford


Makaela Henderson

Representative Makaela Henderson

MaKaela Henderson is your 2017-2018 Representative. She is majoring in General Studies and aspiring to one day be a Paramedic. MaKaela graduated High School in 2016 with her Certification as a Medical Assistant. After earning her Associate’s Degree at CSM she plans on transferring to Norfolk State University to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. MaKaela's hobbies include singing, listening to music, baseball/softball, and finding new shows on Netflix. She is a huge fan of J. Cole and has a very old soul when it comes to musical preferences. When she isn’t studying, she is working part time at Nike so you can always catch her in something with a Swoosh. MaKaela has a very entertaining personality. She can be described as passionate, understanding, and creative.

Caitlin Addison

Representative Caitlin Addison

Caitlin Addison is your College of Southern Maryland 2017-2018 Representative. This is her first year as a Biological Sciences major. After completing two years at CSM she plans to transfer to University of Maryland - College Park to study genetics. She plans to earn her PhD in the future. She also enjoys dogs, learning new languages, and history.

Sarah Lewis

Representative Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis is your 2017-2018 Student Association Representative. She is majoring in Communications and aspires to be a radio personality. Sarah is expected to graduate from CSM and then transfer to a 4 year university in order to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Communications in Mass Media. She is looking forward to attending either Towson or Howard University to complete this degree. While attending CSM, Sarah aspires to establish a college radio station on the La Plata Campus and serve as the Vice President. She is a very outgoing and driven person, that loves to encourage and motivate her friends or strangers to accomplish their goals. A few things to know about Sarah Lewis are that she is a great friend, hard-working, creative, supportive, and dedicated.