Leonardtown Campus Student Association

The Student Association (SA) of the Leonardtown campus is comprised of elected student leaders that represent the student body at Student Government Association (SGA) meetings. The SA exists to provide a venue for students to have a say in decisions that affect student life. The voting membership of the SA consists of the SA Executive Board, campus representatives and student club presidents. Club leaders and all registered students are welcome to join the SA Executive Board in hearing updates from SGA meetings and to bring forth any questions or concerns about student life at monthly SA General meetings..

The Leonardtown Student Association is currently recruiting students interested in holding Student Government leadership positions. Being an active participant in Student Government offers students many opportunities such as developing leadership skills, representing the student body, serving the community, engaging with local legislators in the form of advocacy for continued support of community colleges, making connections and having fun! If interested, please contact Student Life Coordinator, Jennifer VanCory or 240-725-5410.

Carly Pollock

President Carly Pollock

Carly Pollock is your 2017-2018 Student Association President. She is currently working on obtaining her Associate’s in General Studies and plans on majoring in Psychology and minoring in Political Science. After obtaining her associate's degree, she plans on transferring to St. Mary’s College. Ideally, Carly would like to take some time to lobby on Capitol Hill while working towards her Master’s in Psychology. She loves listening to music and going to concerts. RENT is her favorite musical and she can usually be found binging shows on Netflix.

Angelia Gavidia

Vice President Angelina Gavidia

Angelina Gavidia is your 2017-2018 Student Association Vice President. She currently resides in Mechanicsville and was originally from El Salvador. Her academic major is in Business Administration. and current goals are to get on the Dean’s List and graduate with honors. Her plans and aspirations are to attend the University of Maryland and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a minor in Finance and ultimately get  a Master’s degree. This semester she is taking five classes, and will have only  six classes remaining. Angelina works two jobs with one of these as a work study student on campus. After graduation, she hopes to gain employment where she can be challenged and have the opportunity to ascend to a higher position and “demonstrate her capabilities as a leader and work ethic.”

Her favorite hobbies are anything creative such as art, DIY projects and party planning. She also enjoys learning new languages. Angelina is bi-lingual, speaking both Spanish and English, and is in the process of learning Italian.  She loves to travel and her favorite destinations are the US Virgin Islands, Antigua and EL Salvador.  She has upcoming trips to Turks and Caicos in June of next year and Italy in April/May of 2019. What she likes most about traveling is “being able to have the opportunity to get to experience different cultures and traditions.”

Jonathan Parcel

Representative Jonathan Parcel

Jonathan Parcell is your 2017-2018 Student Association Representative. His  major is Psychology and he will graduate in spring of 2018. Although he hasn’t yet determined a preferred institution, he hopes to continue his education by pursuing a degree in Psychiatry. His likes are tea and video games, and dislikes tootsie rolls and being late.

Alex Depiazza

Representative Alex Depiazza

Alex DePiazza is your 2017-2018 Student Association Representative. He is a freshman and is pursuing an Associate Degree in Art and plans to transfer to an in-state college to pursue his major in Art. Alex’s  career aspirations  is to work for either Pixar, Marvel, and DC as an illustrator. As a former dual enrollment student, Alex hopes to encourage other people taking dual enrollment classes at CSM to be more active at their college.