Prince Frederick Campus Student Association

The Prince Frederick Student Association serves by representing student opinion, addressing campus needs through targeted programming and the maintenance of tradition, and providing opportunities for leadership development in order to enrich the quality of student life.  Its dedicated staff and elected officers have the obligation to carry out projects promoting student activity.

Oluwaseyi Kitunde

President Oluwaseyi Kintunde  

Oluwaseyi Kintunde is your 2017-2018 Student Association President. Oluwaseyi is majoring in Applied Science and Technology and planning on becoming an anesthesiologist. Prior to becoming President, Oluwaseyi worked in the Prince Frederick Advising Center and was President of the Math Club. After earning her Associate’s Degree, she plans on enrolling at Johns Hopkins University. Her favorite hobbies include volleyball, shopping, and eating. Oluwaseyi is very involved in her church community and loves helping others. Oluwaseyi is very outgoing and loves Chemistry.

Derrick Jackson

Vice President Derrick Jackson

Michael Miranda

Treasurer Michael Miranda

Michael Miranda is your 2017-2018 Student Association Treasurer. Michael is majoring in Mathematics with a focus on Statistics. After earning his associate degree at CSM, he plans to transfer to the University of Maryland- College Park next fall. He plans to earn his graduate degree at UMD as well. Michael is also the president of the Future Law Enforcement Club for 2017-2018 and member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. Michael has suffered from mental illness in the past and is very open to talking to people about any troubles they may be experiencing in regards to coping or seeking help.

Alexys Adams

Secretary Alexys Adams

Alexys Adams is your 2017-2018 Student Association Secretary for the Prince Frederick campus. This is her second year here at the College of Southern Maryland with a goal to maintain or even raise her 3.9 GPA. Once she earns her Associates degree at CSM, she plans to transfer to the University of Maryland to pursue her Bachelor's and maybe even Master's degree in Communications with a social influence. After completing college, she plans to work for a major internet social media outlet. She wants you to know: she is determined and loyal to her college community, in love with her "dog-child", Avery, chocolate, and pandas!

Kelly Hobbs

Representative Kelly Hobbs (events)

I am pursuing an Associates of Arts in Environmental Studies. I am interested in transferring to St. Mary’s College, University of Maryland: Baltimore County, or Towson University to pursue a Bachelor’s of Arts in Environmental Studies. Apart from the College of Southern Maryland, I am a weekend Nature Center Aide at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp in Prince Frederick with the Calvert County Natural Resources Division. My dream career is to become a Naturalist with the Calvert County Natural Resources Division. My specific career interests as a prospective Naturalist include wildlife conservation, herpetology, environmental humanities, ecotourism, and museum studies. As a Naturalist, I hope to travel to the Galapagos Islands as well as participate in sea turtle research over the course of my career. I was born and raised in Calvert County. My father passed away from suicide in October 2015 and since then I advocate for mental health education and suicide prevention awareness. I wish to become more involved advocating for the LGBTQ community. I love coffee, my cats, art, and music. I hope that in my own way to ‘save the world’ by following my passion and serving others.

Representative Janelle Stack (clubs)

Janelle Stack is your 2017-2018 Student Association Club Representative. This is her second year here at CSM pursuing a General education degree. After she completes her time at the College of Southern Maryland, Janelle plans to transfer to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering. Janelle wants to complete a master’s degree in Prosthetic and Orthotics. Once Janelle graduates from college she wants to complete two years in the Peace Corp. and use her degree to help those in need. She is a helpful person who loves to read and hike. Janelle is kind to all those she meets, loves the movie Moana, and her favorite animal is a Manatee.