Competitive Admissions Programs

Requirements to Petition

The following information for the competitive admissions programs can help determine your readiness to petition. Programs may change requirements.

Why are these programs at CSM Competitive Admissions?

Instruction in these programs includes hands-on training in specialized laboratories and practice of those skills in a clinical setting. Laboratory and clinical space is limited, therefore only a certain number of students can be accepted into these programs.

The curriculum is very challenging to ensure students become safe and effective practitioners. Additionally, successfully passing a national licensing exam is required to begin work in these fields. Therefore, only the most academically-prepared students are accepted.

Students are not automatically admitted to Competitive Admission programs after completing the general CSM application on-line. After accomplishing or meeting certain requirements, a student will need to submit a separate application to the desired program. The separate application is called a petition.

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Sample Path to degree for students petitioning for Competitive Admission programs:

competitive admissions pathway


All students begin by applying to CSM and following procedures for placement tests and/or evaluation of transfer credits.

General Studies

Students seeking competitive admissions programs begin with General Studies as their Program of Study.


The separate application that is completed after students have determined they have met the eligibility requirements for the Competitive Admission program they are seeking. Please check each program for specific requirements.

Clinical Phase

Only students who have petitioned and been accepted to the competitive major will be allowed to begin the clinical phase of study. This phase will be completed at CSM for Nursing and Medical Laboratory Technology students. For Physical Therapist Assistant, the clinical phase will be at CSM and at Anne Arundel Community College. For Radiography and Respiratory Therapy, the clinical coursework will be completed at Prince Georges Community College.


Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology and Physical Therapist Assistant students will earn their degree from the College of Southern Maryland. Radiography and Respiratory Therapy students will earn their degree from Prince Georges Community College.

National Licensure

Successfully passing a National Licensure exam is required to begin working in these careers.

Alternate major

Students who are not admitted to the clinical phase of the competitive admission program may chose to change their program of study and pursue another degree plan. Students may also choose to petition again.