Mandatory Advising

It is important that all students who seek a degree or certificate from CSM, and/or plan to transfer from CSM to another institution, consult with an Academic Advisor concerning their career and educational goals. 

Mandatory advising is necessary:

  • Prior to beginning a program of study
  • Upon reaching 18 and 36 credits
  • To change a program of study
  • During registration, if you are on probation, are an athlete, or are an international student
  • To apply for graduation

During the online registration process, students are automatically notified when they attempt to register for their 18th and 36th credit. The following error message will appear in Online Services:

You are not eligible for registration. Time for your program review. You must contact an advisor by web, phone or in-person.

The purpose of this hold is to ensure that you will meet with an Academic Advisor regarding your program of study, course selection, progress towards degree completion and/or transfer, and to plan for future semesters.  We want to assist you in choosing appropriate courses for your degree. We also want to make sure you are accessing all of the resources available to you! We look forward to hearing your plans!

You may meet with an advisor at any of our campuses.