Program Evaluation

How can you keep track of your progress towards degree completion?  Program Evaluation!  Program Evaluations indicate program requirements and show progress towards a program of study. The evaluation will show what courses have been completed, still need to be completed, have been transferred in, or are in progress.

You can view your Program Evaluation by logging into Online Services and selecting "Program Evaluation" below the area labeled "Advising."

Courses you have completed have a dotted line indicating the semester you took the course and the grade you received.  Courses you still have to take will show a solid line and will have either the credit amount needed (if you have options for your course selections) or state "one course needed" (if the course is a specific requirement).   In Progress courses (IP) will not appear within your program on the Online Services evaluation until you receive a final grade.  You can find these courses listed in "other courses" until completion.  Confused?  An academic advisor will also be happy to print out a program evaluation for you.  Click here for advising hours

Program Evaluation Codes

*IP In Progress

*PR Preregistered - The course has not yet started

*RA Replacement attempt-this course is a repeat attempt

*TE Transfer Equivalency