University of Maryland Baltimore County Transfer Agreement

Students can save up to


by completing their associate degree at College of Southern Maryland and then finishing up at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (based on average costs 2020-21).

UMBC is a dynamic public research university that redefines excellence in higher education.   UMBC offers an inclusive culture that connects innovative teaching and learning, research across disciplines, and civic engagement. Whatever your passion, at UMBC you’ll find a program that challenges and excites you and a community that supports you.

Articulated Program Requirements:

  • For the State-Wide Computer Engineering Transfer Agreement, CSM students must:
    • Graduate from CSM with an Associate of Science in Engineering, Computer Engineering. 
    • Meet the following Gateway Requirements:
      • A grade of “B” or better in ASE courses encompassing the outcomes achieved by UMBC students in CMPE212 Digital Design, CMSC201, MATH151, and PHYS121
      • A grade of “C” or better in ASE courses encompassing the outcomes achieved by UMBC students in ENES101
  • For the Transfer Student Alliance, CSM students must:
    • Earned 12 to 35 college credits.
    • Maintained a 3.0 GPA or higher.
    • Submit the Transfer Student Alliance Application. 
    • Completion of an associate degree with a minimum cumulative 3.5 GPA within four years of initial Transfer Student Alliance program qualification.
    • Enrollment at UMBC within one year of completion of the associate degree.
    • Not matriculated at any other institution of higher education after program acceptance.

Application for the Transfer Student Alliance can be found here

Articulated Program Benefits:

  • For the State-Wide Computer Engineering Transfer Agreement:
    • Degree will transfer as a "block" to fulfill the first two years of a student's academic program. 
    • Upon successful transfer to UMBC the student will complete the remaining 300 and 400 level courses, including any prerequisite classes that may be missing from their ASE program. 
  • For the Transfer Student Alliance:
    • Access to UMBC facilities and campus services including libraries and computer laboratories.
    • Student activities including cultural and recreational opportunities (fee-based events will be at the expense of the student)
    • Concurrently enrollment at CSM and UMBC at a 25% tuition discount for one UMBC course per term (not to exceed a total of three discounted courses).
    • Upon successful completion of the Requirements detailed above, students will be eligible for the following:
      • Guaranteed transfer admission to UMBC. Please note that selected programs may have additional requirements for students to pursue the intended course of study. Students must meet all other eligibility requirements for admission to UMBC.
      • Priority advising and registration on designated New Student Orientation day.
      • Guaranteed on-campus housing in upper class student housing community upon initial matriculation.
      • $1,500 merit scholarship for each of two years of full-time study. This award can be accepted with other UMBC merit award offers. View our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

View the State-Wide Computer Engineering Transfer Agreement Information

View our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)