The College Visit


Transferring Out:

Transferring In:

Administration (AD) Building, Room 101

Building C, Room 105

John E. Harms Academic Center (Building A), Room 101

What to Note When Visiting a Transfer School

One of the important choices that you will make in life includes your choice for higher education. Before making the choice, it is strongly advised that you visit the campus.

Below are a few questions to ask and things to notice.


  1. What is the average GPA for acceptance into your school?
  2. Is there a waiting list?
  3. Once you receive my transcript, when will you evaluate it?

Class Size

  1. How many undergraduates are enrolled? Graduate students?
  2. What is the average class size?

Degree Courses

  1. What majors does the school offer?
  2. How many credits will I be taking out side of my major?
  3. How many electives are allowed?

Career Services

  1. Does the school offer a career exploration class or career counseling?
  2. Is an internship part of my degree program?
  3. Where do graduates obtain employment?
  4. Does the school offer assistance with job placement after graduation?

School Safety

  1. What is the crime rate on campus?
  2. Does the school have emergency telephones throughout the campus?
  3. What is the relationship between the students and the community?


  1. May I bring a car on campus?
  2. What is the cost for parking?
  3. Is there public transportation available?

Technology Services

  1. What computer facilities are available on campus?
  2. What are the hours to the computer labs?
  3. What is the ratio of students to computers?
  4. Are residence halls wired for computer usage?

Residence Hall

  1. What living arrangements are available for transfer students?
  2. How are roommates selected?
  3. Are the dorms co-ed or single sex?
  4. Are there halls for special interest groups (i.e. honors, international dorms)?
  5. Does the college offer off-campus housing?

Social Life

  1. What cultural activities are on campus?
  2. What do students do for fun?
  3. What is there to do on weekends?
  4. Can you afford the weekend lifestyle?
  5. Note: Talk to students about the social life on campus.


  1. What is the cost of attendance?
  2. What financial aid packages does the school offer to transfer students?

Library Services

  1. What are the library hours?
  2. Is the school part of an interlibrary loan service?

Other Questions

  1. How are students advised?
  2. How do students register for classes?
  3. What are some of the reasons that students transfer or leave this school?
  4. What are the dining options available on campus or nearby?
  5. What services are available to ADA students?
  6. What tutorial service does the school offers? Is there a charge?
  7. Does this school have consortium agreements with other schools?

Questions to the Students

  1. What are the other schools that you apply to and why did you pick this school?
  2. Are you happy with your decision?
  3. What are your plans after graduation?

In addition to asking questions, look carefully at the facilities. Ask to speak to a faculty member in your major. Ask to visit a residence hall. If possible arrange to stay overnight with a host student. It will tell you what night life is like when most studying takes place.