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HawkTalk - March 2020 Edition

HawkTalk - March 2020 Edition - Education? Vacation? Both! Make Summer Count with Summer Sessions

Hawk Hint

One Application,
200+ Scholarships: Scholarship Finder

Just added for fall 2020! Check out the scholarships available to you through CSM's Scholarship Finder application! The CSM Foundation has awarded more than $3 million to more than 3,000 students in the last decade. Visit the Scholarship Finder web page to get started!

Education? Vacation? Both! Make Summer Count with Summer Sessions

Priority Registration for summer sessions opens March 9! CSM’s variety of summer sessions and flexible schedules work with your life to get the most out of summer. You can travel, work, or enjoy a staycation, all while advancing your education.

Get started today through my.CSMD! Not sure what classes to take? Make an appointment with an academic advisor, on campus or online! Visit the advising web page to get started!

Come to the Tri-County Job and Career Fair on April 7! Qualified and eager job seekers have the chance to meet with employers from throughout the region. Come show what you know to employers and businesses from throughout Southern Maryland. Be sure to dress professionally and bring copies of your résumé to share with employers. A list of employers attending the Fair will be available on March 20 at the Job and Career Fair web page.

Not looking for a job yet? Start networking with professionals and employers in the industries that interest you! It’s never too early to start making connections.

Passport to Culture

Passport to Culture

Get a taste of international culture and cuisine without packing a bag

Celebrate Irish-American Heritage at the La Plata Campus on March 9, complete with a live bagpipe performance!

This month, Around the World in 90 Minutes brings Peru to you! Sample authentic Peruvian cuisine and learn about Peruvian culture at the Prince Frederick Campus on March 3. (Fun fact: Without Peru and its Andean neighbors, we wouldn’t have potatoes, tomatoes, or llamas, and is that really a world you’d want to live in?)

CSM Theater presents: “The Children’s Hour”

CSM Theater presents: 'The Children’s Hour'

For two weekends in March, CSM Theater brings you “The Children’s Hour,” written by playwright Lillian Hellman. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a play for grownups! It touches on some serious adult themes. Gossip, rumor, scandal, and tragedy take center stage in the Brad and Linda Gottfried Theater at the La Plata Campus, March 7-9, then again March 13-15. Get your tickets now!

Join the Club

Join the Club

What are you into? No matter your hobbies, passions, or interests, find other Hawks who care about the same things you do at the Club Showcase on March 17 at the La Plata Campus.

Swoop in for a Bite

Swoop in for a Bite

Need a jolt? The La Plata Campus is thrilled to welcome Clarity Coffee House and its menu of tasty treats.

Works of Art

Works of Art

Show off your artwork and your talent! Or, if you’re one of us and even your stick figures look like an impressionist was a bit too fond of absinthe, come out and appreciate the creations of our artistically gifted Hawks! 

The Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery at the La Plata Campus is showcasing “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi,” an exhibition of Maryland artist Beverly Ress’ drawings, now through March 19.

Want to unveil your latest creation to the CSM art community? There’s no better time than the Prince Frederick Campus Annual Art Show, April 8-9. Exhibit your work, support your fellow artists—oh, and did we mention there’ll be snacks? Because there’ll be snacks. Sip a mocktail and exhibit your masterpiece at the Leonardtown Campus Art Show and Mocktails on April 8.

Campus Well by Student Health 101

Campus Well
by Student Health 101

Did you know we have an awesome resource at CSM for nutrition, health advice, recipes, and even career help? Check out the latest issue, and sign up to get Campus Well by Student Health 101 in your inbox.

Make your voice heard this year. Register to vote, cast your ballot, and participate in Census Day in 2020! Visit the Civic and Community Engagement web page for more information on how to get involved.

Street Sense

Street Sense

The best way to stay safe is to think ahead and prepare yourself. Come to Street Sense, presented by CSM Public Safety, and learn how you can keep yourself safe on campus and in the community. Catch these information sessions on March 5 at the La Plata Campus and March 10 at the Prince Frederick Campus.

All That Jazz: CSM Music

All That Jazz: CSM Music

Some places are just synonymous with music and stardom: Los Angeles. Seattle. New Orleans. Nashville. New York City. Southern Maryland. (We’ll get there, okay? One step at a time.) We’ve got our own musical talent to showcase this month.

Wanna steal the show, but can’t carry a tune in a bucket? Show off that stage presence at the Lip Sync Off, at Leonardtown on March 10 and Prince Frederick on March 31

Check out the CSM Chamber Ensemble on March 8 at the Prince Frederick Campus in the latest installment in the Ward Virts Concert Series. Ledah Finck stars on violin at the Leonardtown Campus on March 14 for the Benny C. Morgan Concert Series

Can’t make it to New Orleans? The 17th Annual Jazz Festival brings Bourbon Street to you, April 3-4.

Whatever your musical tastes or talents, CSM’s got something that will… strike a chord.

Stop and Smell the Cherry Blossoms

Stop and Smell the Cherry Blossoms

Spring in Washington is an enchanting time of year! Join us on April 3 for the Cherry Blossom Bus Trip. The cherry blossom trees lining the Tidal Basin are the stars of the show, with their pink and white blossoms highlighting the beauty of our capital city. Monuments and memorials, museums and theaters, eclectic neighborhoods—Washington, DC is a place unlike any other.

The possibilities are endless! But spots aren’t, so get your ticket ASAP! Contact a Student Life Coordinator for more information.

Literally Literary

Literally Literary

Hot off the presses, the latest news for all you bookworms and wordnerds. On March 12 in the Leonardtown Auditorium, CSM Professor of English David Phalen talks about “‘News That STAYS News:’ What Long-dead Writers of Literature Are Saying About Today’s Most Controversial Issues.” The more things change… 

Connections Literary Readings welcomes playwright Jake Shore on March 13, author Wayne Karlin on April 3, and poet and novelist Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai on April 10.

Tutoring | College Survival Guide

Tutoring | College Survival Guide

The College Survival Guide is a monthly feature that directs members of the CSM community to free resources and support for whatever challenges they may be facing. At CSM, no hawk has to fly alone.

STRUGGLING IN CLASS? Midterms are coming up fast, and the best time to ask for help with your classes is before you get your grades back. CSM offers free tutoring for whatever you need help with through the Learning Support Services Center.

These sessions are available on campus with no appointment! Online tutoring is available 24/7 through ThinkingStorm. The number-wizards at the Math Resource Center can teach you to translate those arcane symbols into plain English. Find out more by checking out the tutoring web page.