2020 April - HawkTalk e-Newsletter

HawkTalk - April 2020 Edition

HawkTalk - April 2020 Edition - Make Summer Count with Summer Sessions. Fall registration now open.

Hawk Hint

All Spring 2020 courses will remain online for the rest of the term. All Summer Session I and II courses will be online, with decisions about later summer classes to be made at a later date.

We're In This Together, and We're Here For You

Wherever you are, wherever we are, there’s one thing we can promise you isn’t going to change: We’re here for you, Hawks!

Keep an eye on your student e-mail for the latest from Dr. Murphy and the college’s leadership, and be sure to check CSMReady for the latest information on CSM’s response to COVID-19, as well as resources available in your community to meet a variety of needs, from finding meals to staying connected via mobile hotspots.

And don’t forget all the resources CSM provides to support your learning, The best part? You can access them from wherever you are, whenever you need them, without even changing out of your PJs. 

Pre-semester stacks of books in the College Store

Textbook Buyback and Purchases

The CSM College Store in partnership with Nebraska Book Company is now offering online textbook buybackEnter one or more ISBNs to your buyback book list, tell us where to send the check, print the prepaid shipping label—and you're done! Textbooks can also be rented or purchased for upcoming classes online. Questions can be e-mailed to

April 2020 Summer registration

Register for Summer Sessions 

Registration for CSM’s summer sessions is open! There’s still time to register and make your summer count. Online courses let you advance toward your degree, expand your skill base, or discover a new interest. Register now!  

Fall 2020 Registration

Priority Registration for Fall Opens Soon 

No need to worry that a class you need to take this fall will fill up before you can register! Priority Registration opens soon, with the date based on the number of credits you have:  

  • April 20: Current students with 45+ credits 
  • April 21: Current students with 30+ credits 
  • April 22: Current students with 15+ credits 
  • April 23: Current students with 1+ credits 

Talon Talks now available

Join us for Talon Talks!

Student Life and Counseling Services will be offering weekly supportive sessions via Zoom. For more details:

Link to Campus well - How to succeed in an online course

Campus Well by Student Health 101 

Did you know we have an awesome resource at CSM for nutrition, health advice, recipes, and even career help? Check out the latest issue, and sign up to get Campus Well by Student Health 101in your inbox. 

Tutoring | College Survival Guide

Advising | Counseling

The College Survival Guide is a monthly feature that directs members of the CSM community to free resources and support for whatever challenges they may be facing. At CSM, no hawk has to fly alone.


It’s that time of year again: registration. Finding the schedule that fits your needs and academic goals can feel like playing the least-fun version of Tetris ever. CSM’s academic advisors are here to help you pick the classes that will get you where you want to go.  

Schedule your phone or video chat counseling appointment today at 


Humans are social animals. Limiting contact to keep us healthy is necessary, but it’s hard on us. And that’s not to say there isn’t enough stress in the world anyway. The important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. You’re a member of a community, and we’re here to support you as we pass through these turbulent times—together.  

CSM Counseling Services are available to help students navigate and overcome a host of obstacles and personal struggles. Make your appointment at 

“R u ok, Hawks?” is an anonymous tool to connect students with resources to support their mental health. Get started at 

For the Spring 2020 Semester, CSM is offering credit students the option of choosing Pass/Fail for each of their courses. You can opt for a Pass/Fail instead of a letter grade. Any Fail will be classified as FE (“fail for extraordinary circumstances”) and won’t hurt your GPA. Please note that you’ll have the choice to opt-in for Pass/Fail for some or all of your Spring 2020 courses on a case-by-case basis; you can, of course, also choose not to opt-in and receive a letter grade as per usual.

You’ll have until 6 p.m. on Friday, May 22, to opt-in for Pass/Fail. Certain programs or specific circumstances may have requirements that should be carefully considered when making the decision to opt-in for Pass/Fail. Pass/Fail may not be the optimal choice for your particular situation; ask a faculty or academic advisor if Pass/Fail is right for you!

More information and the petition for Pass/Fail are available at the CSM Registrar’s page.

Student Elections

Choose Your Representative! Student Government Elections

This year’s SGA elections will be a bit different from previous years. Candidates will be campaigning online, and the full list of candidates will be available soon at the Student Life page.

Voting will be held Tuesday, April 21, through Thursday, April 23; the link to the election ballot will be posted on myLearning, the college’s social media channels, and the CSM Mobile app. Stay tuned, and remember: decisions are made by those who show up! 

April 2020 Scholarships

One Application, 200+ Scholarships: Scholarship Finder 

There’s still time to submit your Scholarship Finder application! The CSM Foundation has awarded more than $3 million to more than 3,000 students in the last decade. Visit to get started!  

Frostburg State Campus

New Transfer Opportunities with Frostburg State University 

The College of Southern Maryland has just signed two new articulation agreements with Frostburg State University for its Recreation and Parks Management program: concentrations in Community Program Delivery, and Sport Promotion and Communication. 

Check out these agreements, as well as over 100 articulation agreements that CSM has with other colleges and universities across the country. 

Smiling faces with Hawk mascot

Let’s Talk: How Are We Doing, and What Can We Do Better? 

CSM is committed to constantly improving as an institution so that we can be the college our students and community deserve. To reach that goal, we need your help! Drop us a line at and tell us what you like, what we need to improve, and what we haven’t thought of yet. 

Something different

And Now for Something Completely Different

How about a breath of fresh air?  

(Please be aware that the CDC recommends that everyone practice social distancing and remain at least six feet away from others while enjoying this breath of fresh air.) 

The best treatment for cabin fever (please note: this is not actual medical advice) is a video of penguins from the Chicago Zoo’s Shedd Aquarium hopping around and exploring while the building is closed to the public. 

This is the kind of content you come to HawkTalk for.