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Join us May 29 at 11 a.m. for our Spring Commencement watch party on Facebook! @CollegeOfSouthernMaryland

From Student Life, With Love 

Dear Hawks, 

CSM is more than a group of buildings and classrooms. We are a community. We are all Hawks.
Student Life

Please know that we miss you all and are thinking about youWe can't wait to see you again in person on the other side of this. Until then, stay well, stay safe, and please stay in touch with us on the CSM app and in our Talon Talks! 
We're here for you, Hawks,
Your CSM Student Life and Athletics Family


In light of the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the college has taken a number of actions to ensure that a CSM education remains an affordable and reliable investment for our students 

CSM is canceling the annual tuition adjustment that had been scheduled to take effect in the fall. In addition, the college has waived the $20.00-per-credit-hour Online/Web Course Fee for the 2020 Summer Term and Fall Semester 

Book Rentals

Textbook Rentals Due, Now With Curbside Drop-Off! 

It’s that time of year again: textbook rental return season! The CSM bookstore is offering curbside drop-off from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., May 5 to 7, May 12 to 14, and May 19 to 21 at the following locations: 

  • La Plata Campus, Parking Lot 2 (Main Gate) 
  • Leonardtown Campus, Building B parking lot (in front of the bookstore) 
  • Prince Frederick Campus, parking lot in front of the bookstore 

If you can’t make it, please contact us at by May 22.

April 2020 Summer registration

Make Your Summer Count: Summer Sessions 

Registration for CSM’s summer sessions is open! There’s still time to register and make your summer count. Online courses let you advance toward your degree, expand your skill base, or discover a new interest. Register now!  

Fall 2020 Registration

Fall Registration Now Open! 

Look ahead to fall and get the courses you want. Register now for the Fall 2020 Semester! 

You may notice that the way the catalog displays available course sections is a bit different for the Fall 2020 semester; both 15- and 7-week offerings are listed under “2020 Fall,” rather than being separated by length or session. Each class that is being offered in the fall has a list of available sections, and the start and end dates for each section tell you if it’s a full-term or minisession section: 

  • Fall 2020 Full-Term (15 weeks): August 24 – December 15 
  • Fall 2020 Minisession I (7 weeks): August 24 – October 19 
  • Fall 2020 Minisession II (7 weeks): October 21 – December 15 

If you have an academic hold, please make an appointment to speak with an advisor. 

Let's Talk

Let’s Talk: How Are We Doing, and What Can We Do Better?

CSM is committed to constantly improving as an institution so that we can be the college our students and community deserve. To reach that goal, we need your help! Drop us a line at and tell us what you like, what we need to improve, and what we haven’t thought of yet.

Student Health 101

Campus Well by Student Health 101 

Did you know we have an awesome resource at CSM for nutrition, health advice, recipes, and even career help? Check out the latest issue, and sign up to get Campus Well by Student Health 101 in your inbox. 

The University of Maryland System has opened applications for the Maryland Transfer Advantage Program. This program gives CSM students priority admission to UMD and allows them to take a summer and/or winter course at UMD. Visit UMD’s Maryland Transfer Advantage page for details and to apply. Don’t delay—the application is due June 1! 

You can take also advantage of the more than 100 articulation agreements CSM has with other colleges and universities across the country! 

Pass/Fail Policy Option

Pass/Fail Option for Spring 2020

For the Spring 2020 Semester, CSM is offering credit students the option of choosing Pass/Fail for each of their courses. You can opt for a Pass/Fail instead of a letter grade. Any Fail will be classified as FE (“fail for extraordinary circumstances”) and won’t hurt your GPA. Please note that you’ll have the choice to opt-in for Pass/Fail for some or all of your Spring 2020 courses on a case-by-case basis; you can, of course, also choose not to opt-in and receive a letter grade as per usual.

You’ll have until 6 p.m. on Friday, May 22, to opt-in for Pass/Fail. Certain programs or specific circumstances may have requirements that should be carefully considered when making the decision to opt-in for Pass/Fail. Pass/Fail may not be the optimal choice for your particular situation; ask a faculty or academic advisor if Pass/Fail is right for you!

More information and the petition for Pass/Fail are available at the CSM Registrar’s page.


One Application, 200+ Scholarships: Scholarship Finder 

There’s still time to submit your Scholarship Finder application! The CSM Foundation has awarded more than $3 million to more than 3,000 students in the last decade. Visit to get started!  

Talon Talks

Join Us for Talon Talks!

Student Life and Counseling Services will be offering Talon Talks—weekly supportive sessions via Zoom, on topics like overcoming math anxiety, transfer options, and staying motivated with online learning. For more details,

Advising and Counseling

Advising and Counseling | CSM College Survival Guide

The College Survival Guide is a monthly feature that directs members of the CSM community to free resources and support for whatever challenges they may be facing. At CSM, no hawk has to fly alone.


It’s that time of year again: registration. Finding the schedule that fits your needs and academic goals can feel like playing the least-fun version of Tetris ever. CSM’s academic advisors are here to help you pick the classes that will get you where you want to go.  

Schedule your phone or video chat counseling appointment today at 


Humans are social animals. Limiting contact to keep us healthy is necessary, but it’s hard on us. And that’s not to say there isn’t enough stress in the world anyway. The important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. You’re a member of a community, and we’re here to support you as we pass through these turbulent times—together.  

CSM Counseling Services are available to help students navigate and overcome a host of obstacles and personal struggles. Make your appointment at 

“R u ok, Hawks?” is an anonymous tool to connect students with resources to support their mental health. Get started at