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College Success Skills Courses

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STU-1030 (1) - Study Skills Lab: Improve your study skills and develop an active approach to your education by understanding and adapting to various teaching styles and coursework.

STU-1050 (3) - Career Decision Making and Life Planning: Explore career options and learn decision-making, goal-setting and planning skills to help you set and reach your career goals.

STU-1090 (1) - Transfer Preparation: Learn the information, resources, and tools necessary to select a degree/major and successful transitions from CSM to a four-year college or university.

Diagnostics Testing

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The Student Success Center has diagnostic tests available in math, reading, and writing skills for students to determine their strengths and weaknesses in English, reading, and math.  This detailed report can help students prepare better for placement testing.  Score reports also provide advisors information to assist students with academic planning.   The tests are administered in the Testing Centers.  There is no fee for taking these diagnostic tests or viewing the score report.

At home, self-help, placement test preparation can be found here.

Educational Software

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Plato is a web-based, tutorial program. Request this tool if you require a more comprehensive review for placement testing.  Students who wish to make a third and final attempt for placement are required to complete PLATO in that subject area and pay a $30 re-test fee.  Click here for information on placement test preparation and re-taking the placement tests.  There is also PLATO test preparation specifically for the ATI TEAS available to currently enrolled College of Southern Maryland students preparing to petition for selective admissions programs at CSM, such as Nursing.  Send your PLATO request to  Please provide the following information in your request: 

  • Full name
  • CSM student id number
  • PLATO modules requested.
    • English/Writing placement test review
    • Math placement test review
    • Reading placement test review
    • ATI TEAS test review

You will be provided with a login and password to access PLATO along with instructions on how to use it within 3 business days. 


Students Already Granted Access:

Go to Enter cosm as Account Login, the provided Plato Name and Password and click Login.

Health Sciences Program Outreach 

Health Sciences Program Outreach

Health Sciences Program Outreach guides and directs students in the Health Sciences programs in their educational and career paths. Specifically, the Director of Health Sciences Program Outreach assists preclinical students in identifying and accessing services necessary to support student success and acts as a mentor and advisor.

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