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Each source used in a research paper or project must be correctly documented (cited).  These tools will help you to format your sources into a bibliography using styles preferred by most instructors (MLA, APA, or Chicago). Please note that these Web sites are not affiliated with CSM, therefore, we will not be able to resolve any difficulties you  encounter when using these tools.  There are other styles not covered here.  Always check with your instructor regarding the style to follow.

CSM permanent faculty and staff and currently registered students may obtain the Noodle Tool's  username and password from the Library Circulation Desk.  Supports MLA, APA, and Chicago.

Create bibliographic entries from books, newspaper, periodical and journal articles, web sites, e-mails or interviews. Entered information shows in both MLA and APA styles.

Create bibliographic entries from books, newspaper, magazine, and journal articles as well as a wide variety of electronic sources.  After choosing a source type, Citation Maker shows an example of the type  of citation you will be entering.

Creates entries from many different source types, including dissertations, letters, lectures and speeches, as well as the more traditional types. It is MLA style.

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