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reimbursements, contact:

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Student Account Services

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What is a CSM OneCard?

Your CSM OneCard is your ID for the College of Southern Maryland and so much more!  It allows you to:

  • Check books out at the Library
  • Access the Campus Recreation Centers
  • Purchase goods and services at the college store 
  • Purchase food at dining services 
  • Access your Financial Aid refunds

Where can the CSM OneCard be used?

Back of the OneCard with a metallic stripe at the top and a black stripe at the bottom

Discover (Metallic stripe)

  • Anywhere that accepts Discover

Hawk Bucks (Black stripe)

  • College Store
  • Cafe

Can I get cash from my CSM OneCard?

Discover (Metallic stripe):
Yes, any balance that you have in your Discover account can be accessed at all the campus ATMs.

Hawk Bucks (Black Stripe)
No, money in your CSM Hawk Bucks account can only be spent for the goods and services that are provided by the vendors that accept your CSM OneCard.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

STEP 1:  To deactivate your card online, go to

STEP 2:  Call 1-800-822-4283 and report your card lost/stolen if you have activated the Money Network Discover account on your card. When calling the 1-800 number, if you do not have your card number, please follow the directions to enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number and then your birth date.  When prompted, please press the star key to speak to a Customer Representative.

STEP 3: Visit the library on your campus to get your card replaced.

Please remember that your CSM OneCard is also your official ID card. It is not transferable (to another person) and must be returned upon request. Because misuse of cards may have a negative impact on both students and the institution in general, students are expected to protect their card and abide by all terms and conditions associated with the use of the CSM OneCard.