Alternative Placement Testing

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Due to CSM's current operating status, the following will be used as an alternative to placement tests:

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High school student or graduated within the last 2 years:

Submit the below documentation after applying to the college.

  • If you have completed the SAT/ACT exam within the last two years, submit your scores to us via email at Testing_Center@csmd.eduIn addition to your SAT/ACT exam scores, send your official or unofficial high school transcript to
  • If you did not take the SAT/ACT exam within the last two years, submit your official or unofficial high school transcript to

Dual enrollment students:

  • High school transcripts and/or ACT/SAT scores are also used to place dual enrolled students. Place visit the Dual Enrollment Students page for a list of all options.

 Returning adult learners

Returning adults with or without prior college experience:

Contact the Enrollment Coordinator in your county, by email, after applying to the college.