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La Plata Campus
Learning Resource Center (LR Building), Room 114

Salman Zafarullah, Testing Center Coordinator

Lee Desmarais, Testing Center Manager


Leonardtown Campus
Building C, Room 314

Jacqueline Dyson, Testing Center Manager

Prince Frederick Campus
John E. Harms Academic Center (Building A), Room 102

Courtnie Krauss, Testing Center Manager

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To take a course test at the Testing Center, you should do the following:

1.  Review your syllabus for information. 

  • Where you can take the test?  Is it available at all Testing Centers or just one campus testing center?  Does your instructor offer you a choice of where it can be taken?
  • When will the test be available?  Be sure you find out the first day and last day the test will be available, and if there is a cut off time for giving out or finishing the exam.  You also want to know how much time you will have to complete the test itself.
  • What are you allowed to have, if anything, when you take the test?  Your instructor will inform you if formula sheets, notes, calculator, reference books, or any other items are permitted.

2. Determine how your test is administered. 

  • If your test is to be administered on a computer, such as a Blackboard exam, make an appointment with the Testing Center at the Prince Frederick campuses or walk-in (no appointments necessary) at the La Plata or the Leonardtown campuses.
  • If your test does not require a computer, you may walk-in during the Testing Center's hours.

Be sure to check the schedule and look under "Additional Information" for any changes to the regular operating schedule.

3. Arrive at the Testing Center prepared.

  • Bring a photo ID such as your CSM student id or a government issued id such as a driver's license.  No one is admitted to the Testing Center without proper photo ID.
  • Know your CSM ID number.
  • Know the course number and title as well as the name of your instructor. 
  • Allow plenty of time to get checked into the Testing Center as well as enough time to complete your exam.
  • Be prepared to turn off your cell phone and put it and all other personal belongings in a storage locker during your exam.
  • Any testing aids allowed such as notes, calculator, textbook, etc. will be examined by the Testing Center staff to be sure it meets instructor guidelines.
  • Testing Center staff are responsible for maintaining exam security and an environment suitable for all test takers.  Inappropriate behavior or exam violations may result in immediate dismissal from the Testing Center and will be reported to your instructor.
  • Make appropriate arrangements for childcare before coming on campus to take your test, if necessary.  Babies and children of any age are not permitted in the Testing Centers. 

4.  Contact your instructor if you have an issue with taking the exam.

  • After the deadline date has passed, the test will be picked up by the instructor.
  • If you have missed the deadline, you must get permission from your instructor to take the test.
  • Your instructor must then contact the testing center to make arrangements.